Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mayberry R.F.D. Didn't Need No Stinking Tanks . . . .

Those dear readers who have been hanging around this shitty little blog for awhile now know that The Gadfly has talked about the subject of the frighteningly accelerating militarization of America's civilian law enforcement entities and how it does not portend well for the advancement of democracy, and that it is in fact, an ominous sign that there may be a need for society to put aside their trivial political and tribal differences at some point to unite and consider the reality that other than peaceful means may be required to preserve that democracy for future generations.

It's nice to see a national figure recognize that which has been obvious to a great many for so long, even though it is only a comedian doing so:

And just as an aside, Maher's point about how the Tea Party should be "freaking out" about this encroaching culture of transforming the nation's civilian police forces in to standing armies, quite honestly, really didn't resonate with The Gadfly all that much.

The Tea Party have their own deeply embedded streak of cruel authoritarianism in them that is a byproduct of the combined zealotry of their conservative world view and their fundamentalist Christianity, so while they may rail against the police militarization to some extent, it is only because they yearn to replace it with their own tyrannical system of governance and law enforcement.

But good on Bill Maher for having the balls to talk about this subject on national television and at least ask Americans to consider the motive behind and the consequences of what the fuck is going on with it.


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