Friday, June 27, 2014

They Retort, We Deride . . . .

Outside of it's white, American male, un or under educated, age 50-80 prime demographic, it's pretty well known that Fox "News" is a fucking laughingstock when it comes to journalistic integrity.

Call The Gadfly a prophet if you must, but he doesn't think that this caliber of programming is going to help them rehabilitate that learned viewpoint as well as well as the tattered shreds that remain of their credibility:

Fox News' upcoming investigative report on the growing crisis in Iraq will feature Iraq War architect Dick Cheney blaming President Obama for the turmoil there.
The special, Iraq and the Rise of a Terrorist State, is set to air on June 27 and will examine the current state of Iraq as "al Qaeda threatens to take over." The report will also feature former Vice President Dick Cheney in order to add his commentary on "who says he knows who is to blame: President Barack Obama":

Allow The Gadfly to put Fox's using Dick Cheney as a subject matter expert on what went wrong in Iraq in it's proper context . . . . . imagine CNN asking Cliven Bundy to expound upon the legalities of using publicly owned land to run and graze a privately owned, huge herd of cattle on? . . . . Yeah -- you get the picture huh?

Fox "News" couldn't humiliate themselves even more it seems, so apparently their take is - why the fuck not bring on Cheney to blame Obama for Iraq - we're already a joke - might as well cement the reputation for posterity.


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