Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Speaker Gadfly" ---- That Has a Charmingly Eminent Ring to It . . . . . .

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This anomaly doesn't occur too frequently, but here's evidence that indeed it does -- The Gadfly disagreeing with something Esquire's Charlie Pierce posted on his site.

Observe the root of the discord:

Nancy Pelosi did a smart thing and appointed her full allotment of Democrats to the upcoming Fox News special and general kangaroo festivities regarding Benghazi,Benghazi, BENGHAZI! I am sorry that all the Alan Grayson fans out there may be disappointed, but it's not like Elijah Cummings hasn't been fighting the good fight on this issue for a while now. The idea of a Democratic boycott of the committee was politically maladroit and pragmatically stupid. It is going to be of paramount importance to have someone in there, the way Barney Frank and Robert Wexler were there on the Judiciary Committee when it was considering the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and the way Richard Ben-Veniste was there to demolish the entire premise of the phony Whitewater scandal a few years earlier. Without participating, the Democrats would have been conceding the development of the narrative to the Kangaroo Kaucus not only among the Beltway opinion elite, but out in the country as well. As it happens, that's where the case for impeaching Bill Clinton truly fell apart. The Democrats who participated in that particular series of charades from 1992-1998 did a lot to hijack the issue in the dim frontierland beyond Washington. In a situation like this, the Democrats have one advantage -- they can illustrate the essential absurdity of the exercise until the country gets heartily sick of it.
My one quibble is that the Democratic lineup is a little heavy on members drawn from the various military and intelligence oversight committees, and that all of them except Cummings, who has to be fed up with this whole thing by now, are judicious in their legislative temperaments. I expect a little mockery here for my money. Maybe Adam Schiff is a laff riot. We'll see.

The Gadfly watched Speaker Pelosi's announcement of the Dem Benghazi!Benghazi!!Benghazi!!! committee assignments on the live news feed today.  The Gadfly was duly unimpressed, and as a result of once again watching the Democrats capitulate to the bullying and thuggishness of the right-wing, flying monkey brigade, The Gadfly truly is on the cusp of hoping to see Pelosi either unilaterally retire or be primaried into retirement soon.

This Benghazi bullshit has been litigated to the point of absurdity over the past 3 years, mostly in part to GOP rep. Darrell Issa's arrogant grandstanding.  Investigation, upon investigation upon investigation has shown that yes, while there were perhaps some things that might possibly have been done ahead of time to mitigate the prevailing circumstances which created the atmosphere for the attack on the U.S. embassy building in Libya, not a shred of evidence has been presented to suggest that there was any overt malfeasance on behalf of the administration committed during the attacks, or in the immediate aftermath -- and no wingnuts -- an administration going on television and spinning a shitty event does not amount to "high crimes and misdemeanors" -- for if that is your standard for prosecutorial action, then we ought to be considering turning over the entire Bush regime to The Hague for investigation of war crimes and criminal negligence for their behavior before, during and after 9/11.

Nonethless, if it were up to The Gadfly -- in other words, if The Gadfly just so happened to be the Dem minority leader -- the appropriate response to the GOP's Benghazi!Benghazi!!Benghazi!!! ratfucking charade should have been to stroll out in to that  press conference today and stated the sum total of the situation thusly:

Dear fellow Americans - we, the minority party refuse to formally participate in this ratfucking charade of a show "trial" that the conservative loons are putting forth for the sole reason that they have nothing better to do with their time, and the American taxpayer's time and money.  They quite obviously have no vision on how to effectively govern the country, so they prefer to scandal monger in order to whip up their Fox News misinformed, brain-dead zombie base just in time for this November's mid-term elections, for quite frankly, energizing their base, which is the equivalent of tossing freshly plucked chicken carcasses in to a pond of hungry crocodiles, is the only thing that they have shown any measure of competence at doing.
However -- just to demonstrate to the American people that we Democrats do feel some level of responsibility toward monitoring the activities of these juvenile ratfucking frauds, we will assign Florida Representative Alan Grayson to attend to the committee meetings - for after all - there really should be some level of experienced adult supervision in the room when the conservative toddlers began playing with their shiny new subpoena power toy, a toy by the way, which they have reserved solely for themselves.
Therefore, Rep. Grayson has been granted full leeway from his party leadership to deal with these bamboozling conservative hypocrites in any way he sees fit, within the bounds of fairness and decency naturally, and which are befitting of such sniveling, ratfucking little shitheels such as they are.
Oh - you in the mainstream media who want to continue coddling these ratfucking clowns by regurgitating every single one of their easily disprovable talking points without fact-based analysis - you can all go pound sand in your collective sphincters.  Your continued enabling of these assholes provides no detectable benefit to the American public, and therefore a good, solid pounding of coarse sand in the sphincter is the least punitive form of penance due for your gross incompetence, dereliction of duty, and moral breach of public trust.

Yup -- that is precisely how "Speaker Gadfly" would have dealt with this shit dear readers, and The Gadfly hopes that some day the Democrats might grow half of a fucking spine and take a page from The Gadfly's playbook on how to deal with cowards, bullies and charlatans --- but The Gadfly is not holding his breath that that day will come any time soon . . . . no - not any time soon.

Oh - and it should be duly noted that Darrel Issa's monkey-poo flinging sideshow will still going on in the House, simply because that smug little ratfucking prick is gloriously intent on keeping the flaps to his own Benghazi!Benghazi!!Benghazi!!! circus tent wide open - new committee be damned.  The whole thing is just a big fucking joke to these jagoffs, and sadly, the joke is on the American people, only most are either too oblivious or to apathetic to give a shit.


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