Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Corpse of Rosa Parks Spins Madly in Her Grave . . . .

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Jeebus - the depth of the self assigned persecution complex and psychological delusion runs frighteningly deep in this bunch:

APRIL 16, 2014, 11:28 AM EDT
While describing the Bundy Ranch standoff between armed anti-government activists and federal authorities, Richard Mack -- the right-wing former sheriff who helped organize the militia -- managed to squeeze in references to both Rosa Parks and the Nazis.
Mack, who said that the protesters had considered using women as human shields and warned that the feds are still planning to raid the Bundy family, made the comments in a Monday interview with conservative radio host Steve Deace.
First, he equated Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the protesters with Rosa Parks, "peasants" who had stood against tyranny that has festered for decades.
"This particular peasant said, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m not rolling over for this one. You guys are out of line, you don’t own the land, you don’t own our ranch, you don’t own us, and we will stand firm in the principles of freedom that we were blessed with as Americans,'" Mack said, in recordings clipped by Right Wing Watch. "And that’s exactly what this was. This was Rosa Parks refusing to get to the back of the bus."

Remember -- this is the militia guy spokesman, Richard Mack, who is the same philistine that was proudly proclaiming to Fox News that he and his fellow patriot warriors were "strategerizing" about putting the women folk up on the front battle lines as cannon fodder in the unlikely event that the Federal authorities just started blazing away for no provocation at all.  And for that demonstration of bravery he is now comparing himself and his Yosemite Sam wannabe sidekicks to be the moral courage parallel of civil & human rights icon Rosa Parks?

The Gadfly honestly does not know whether to laugh hysterically or to elevate his disgust and outrage to the next, rage-filled level over such degenerate lunacy.  The assertion that a freeloading, fat-ass cattle baron who refuses to pay the public land usage fees for his equally fat-ass cows to munch on, a fee which 99.9% of the other cattle farmers in the country routinely comply with, you know - because it's the law - is a "freedom" fighter in the vein of Rosa Parks, who stood up to institutional racism and being treated like an inferior human being, is . . . . well . . . . to put it bluntly . . . . one of the most mind-numbingly dumb, dickheaded, cynical and conceited claims that The Gadfly has ever heard these assholes spew.

The Gadfly has given up all hope that these yahoos will ever stop thinking solely of their own, egocentric little tribal movements and causes, and unite with broad societal efforts to try and make this country a more equitable, prosperous and livable place for all of us.

For 20 years, the government has bent over backward, sideways and twisted itself in to pretzel knots in an attempt to compromise with rancher Cliven Bundy and give him all of the opportunity in the world to bring himself in compliance with the law, as equally as his peers are and have been doing.  However, Mr. Bundy just outright refuses because he fancy's himself a freedom fighter who is a sovereign citizen who does not recognize the government of the country in which he resides in, and therefore is not bound by any of it's laws and has the right to employ armed violence against those who oppose him.

Can any of you dear readers imagine the bloodshed, cheered on by these fuckwads and their enablers in the right wing media no doubt, that would have ensued if the Occupy Wall Street protesters had adopted that same mentality and trucked in supporters armed with AK-47's and AR-15's, shotguns, Glocks, etc. to confront the NYPD in a standoff?

Silence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yeah - that's what The Gadfly figured.

The Gadfly hopes this situation does not end up in bloodshed, but let's be clear  -- if it should happen -- the ONLY people who will have blood on their hands are Cliven Bundy and his idiot offspring, the gun goon posse jagoffs who's definition of FREEEEEEDOM!! equates to putting law enforcement officials in the cross hairs of their sniper rifles, and the jackals in the right wing media who are egging these criminal people on and spoiling for a violent confrontation to occur so that they can then blame it on the Muslim, Kenyan, Commie Negro in the White House and stir up their psychotic, wingnut base even more.

Enough of coddling these lunatics already!!!


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