Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Water Is The Driving Force Of Nature" . . . ~~~Leonardo da Vinci

Sometimes when you lead horses to water they do drink . . . providing there's even any water to be drank.

Some folks in Texas are beginning to see the light on a couple of issues that us dirty fucking hippie liberals have been talking seriously about for several years -- the effects of climate change on the American way of life and the effects of unregulated natural gas exploration using the very controversial and wasteful method called 'fracking.'


This is some serious stuff folks.  The Gadfly doesn't write about these issues just to see his typed words in print.  This stuff will be affecting The Gadfly's children's and grand children's lives long after The Gadfly has departed this living plane of existence.  That is why The Gadfly speaks out now - to try and make a difference so that the suffering currently being experienced by these folks in Texas is mitigated and addressed in a serious and resolute manner.  It's long past time to shove the climate change deniers and the environmental terrorists to the sidelines and start the hard work necessary to confront the reality of these issues and institute the vital changes that must be done in order to avert the certain sorrow and ruination that will result from doing absolutely nothing.


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