Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Every breath you take | Every move you make | Every bond you break | Every step you take | I'll be watching you.......Every single day | Every word you say | Every game you play | Every night you stay | I'll be watching you...

Another great article by constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead that underscores the troubling trend of an omnipresent surveillance state in our public institutions.  Along with the ongoing militarization of civilian police forces and the revelations of the NSA domestic voyeurism activities, it truly makes The Gadfly wonder where all of these activities by our overlords have us headed as a society and a country.

Here's an excerpt of Mr. Whitehead's article - but do read the whole thing - it's good info:

As a result, America is now on a fast track to raising up an Orwellian generation—one populated by compliant citizens accustomed to living in a police state and who march in lockstep to the dictates of the government. Indeed, as I point out in my book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, with every school police raid and overzealous punishment that is carried out in the name of school safety, the lesson being imparted is that Americans—especially young people—have no rights at all against the state or the police. In fact, the majority of schools today have adopted an all-or-nothing lockdown mindset that leaves little room for freedom, individuality or due process.


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