Friday, August 2, 2013

More Evidence that We are a Nation Ruled by Fools . . . .

This is such wonderful news that The Gadfly cannot believe it is actually coming to pass:

The decision by Uruguay lawmakers to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana could signal the beginning of the end for the increasingly unpopular U.S.-led war on drugs, experts say.
"Uruguay being the first nation to engage in legalization and alternative drug policy could be kind of a tipping point," says Nathan Jones, a post-doctoral fellow at Rice University's James Baker Institute for Public Policy in Texas.
He says that Uruguay's move challenges "those international treaties that kind of hold the whole drug prohibition regime together."

America's prisons are teeming with non-violent drug offenders who's souls, for the sole reason that not so brilliant social scientist/law enforcement idiots have decided to mix them with career criminals, murderers and other dregs of society, are being poisoned forever and then being unleashed back in to society when their sentences are up. The resulting societal carnage is predictable and unfortunately blindly repetitious.

Additionally, and as Uruguay's decision strongly intimates -- The U.S. militarized, bull-in-a-China-shop method of dealing with the illicit drug problem in other countries is wearing thin with the residents of those countries and America's fanatical "war on drugs" juggernaut operation is quickly wearing out it's welcome.

Portugal and Holland have both legalized drug possession and their national, drug-related crime rates have dropped like a sack of wet mice and drug usage itself has dropped dramatically as well.  Why?  Because instead of just throwing people in a jail cell and throwing away the key, they have decided to address the problem of drug addiction head on as a medical issue and not make it a legal/criminal problem.  Never heard of this information? Not surprising if you are someone who gets their news and information from America's corporatized, government controlled mainstream media.

Nonetheless -- kudos to the people and the government of Uruguay for doing the right thing and giving America a big Fuck You middle finger on this subject.  Hopefully, as the article suggests, this will put a huge profit crimp in the money pit that is America's utterly failed, utterly useless, utterly dumb, and utterly destructive "war on drugs."


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