Saturday, August 3, 2013

And we'll have fun, fun, fun now that daddy took the T-Bird away . . .

(Booze post -- enter at your own risk)

As much as The Gadfly rants and raves, he is cognizant that his voice is but a whisper in the fluttering tree leaves on a windy day.  ... shit -- that sounds too Walt Whitman huh?? . . .

Anyhow --- that's ok.

The Gadfly is not here to please his self.  The Gadfly has two hands and knows their carnal capabilities. Enough said.  But seriously -- The Gadfly is simply in the trade of reporting and informing on all the bull shit that he sees in the world.  And The Gadfly adds his sardonic touch to every piece he posts because if anyone even considered the prospect of copying The Gadfly's style -- The Gadfly would have to confront that sonofabitch and buy him a shitty hotdog at a shitty hotdog stand. (don't ask - you're on your own to decipher the meaning of that nonsense).

Nuff said.


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