Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Motor City Yellow Belly Mouth Speaks . . . The Gadfly Obligingly Mocks . . .

This creep is a hero, and The Gadfly means a real, rootin' tootin' bow down and kiss his Bass Pro Shops boots kind of hero, to conservatives:

Ted Nugent, the perpetually provocative hard rock guitarist, said earlier this week that black Americans should be profiled in the same manner that different breeds of dogs are considered dangerous.

Here's the moral pedigree of the conservative's guitar hero:

1.  Pedophile
2.  Vietnam War draft dodger
3.  Unrepentant racist
4.  Poacher

Oh yes -- The Gadfly cannot wait to inculcate his grandchildren (The Gadfly's kids are adults and in charge of their own intellectual domains at this time) with the "values" that Mr. Nugent embodies via his public statements and actions.

Yep -- what a man.  What an admirable human being to emulate.  The Gadfly supposes that if one's goal in life was to be a hateful fucking prick, bigot and animal thrill-killer, then old Unka' Ted would indeed make an ideal role model.

At some point it might behoove conservatives to take an introspective look at themselves and particularly at some of their public spokespeople like Unka' Ted.  But The Gadfly knows that will not come to pass.  Their hate is their life blood -- it is the core of their essence. Without it, they are just a bunch of mealy-mouthed, unsociable boors who couldn't get elected dog catcher in a town with a bare majority of decent, well educated and informed people.


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