Saturday, July 27, 2013

If It's Societal Irrelevancy That They Want -- Who Are We To Deny Them That Dying Wish? . . .

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn demonstrate how fucking easy it has become to skewer the right wing's idiocy these days:

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It is pretty apparent to The Gadfly that the GOP is about as insistent as all get out about dooming their political party, the once proud party of Lincoln, to permanent minority status.

Let's face it - handing over the party reins to the Teabaggers and their open and gleeful hostility towards women, minorities, irreligious folk and anyone not as starkly fucking stupid and self-destructive as themselves can pretty much be taken as a robust indication that they aren't in the least bit interested in competently and judiciously governing the country and doing all of the people's business.  In fact, it can pretty much be taken as a conspicuous admission that they are simply incapable of performing the job and would really just prefer to destroy the country from within - for even as dumb as they are - the demographics reality of their eventual future demise is plain for all of them to see and so like the intellectually and emotionally stunted lemmings that they have evolved in to, they're intent on taking all of us over the cliff with them when their Waterloo moment arrives.

Pathetic bastards.


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