Thursday, July 4, 2013

But We're the "Moral Authority" . . . (two words that ought to scare the shit out of anyone who loves democracy)

Sigh --- another "No Shit Sherlock" discovery:

By Bill Briggs
NBC News contributor
Drone strikes — billed by President Barack Obama as tactically surgical and less deadly to civilians than conventional air power — are 10 times more likely to cause innocent casualties than bombs or missiles unleashed from U.S. jets, according to a new study based on classified military documents.

The Gadfly has some significant disagreements with President Obama on a variety of issues.

This issue is significant.

Blowing up a whole house full of women and children just to get one pissant jihadi asshole is fucking not an effective way to position your country as the moral arbiter of right and wrong in the world.

In fact - it makes you look like an uncaring, fucking unrepentant bully and tyrant.

Obama is being advised by some real stone-age fucking characters and they aren't doing their jobs solely in the interest of national security.  The Gadfly doubts that Obama has any political courage or will to look those murderers in the eye and question their judgement.  It's a conundrum.

Bottom line is - this country is run by sociopaths and it makes The Gadfly question the validity of this government (Democrat or Republican) and the people who are running it.

Think about it.  They have already lied us in to two wars.  They have lied to us about their domestic spying activities.  They have lied to us.  Liars.  Liars. Liars.

Lying Liars. It's what they are.

'Nuff said . . .



  1. And the alternative is...? I totally agree with you, they are all liars. I just don't know what the alternative is. People think every elected official is crooked except theirs, so the same people keep getting elected. Look at the people who keep voting for the Bachmanns, Cruzes, McConnells, Perrys, etc. They love these idiots and here we sit with nothing changing. I think it will take another Revolution and I don't see that happening anytime soon. People don't care. That's why 50% of the voting public doesn't vote. It's sad and we are circling the drain.

  2. All the more reason that The Gadfly has semi-adopted the view of George Carlin, who evolved over his 70 years on the planet of observing human behavior, to arriving at a point where he simply gave up on his species and taught himself to unemotionally accept the reality of it's eventual doom. Now - The Gadfly says "semi-adopted" as, believe it or not, there is still a flicker of hope, faint as it may be, that not just American society, but civilized society as a whole, will awake from their collective fear stupor and realize that there are a hell of a lot more good and decent and caring people on the planet than their are of the haters and greed mongers. But as you say - until people really begin to care about this shit and get active doing something about it, that flickering flame of hope grows dimmer and dimmer by the day.