Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Independence Day Testimonial That Doesn't Give a Shit about Fireworks or Flags or . . . .

The Gadfly had a very special motivation, not associated with America's founding, for celebrating this year's Independence Day festivities.

One year ago yesterday, The Gadfly's oldest son died suddenly from a ruptured aorta.

It rocked The Gadfly's world.

The Gadfly's son was actually an adopted son.  The Gadfly had married an El Salvadoran refugee beauty many years ago who had children from a previous, disastrous relationship.  That woman, who was a businesswoman in her home country had fled her homeland because of Ronald Reagan's support of murderous death squads back in the mid 1980's and the civil wars that had ensued as a result of that U.S. support.

The brother of The Gadfly's wife had been brutally murdered by these U.S. financed thugs and it arrived at a point that she no longer felt safe to live and do business in her home country as a result, and fled El Salvador for the United States -- where she and The Gadfly eventually came together in 1987.

The Gadfly worked tirelessly for 2 years to bring his spouse's children to this country legally through the maze of immigration laws -- and finally they arrived in 1989 - and a family was complete.

The Gadfly raised those kids.  He taught them.  He shared with them.  He loved them.  They weren't El Salvadoran refugees to The Gadfly -- they were his own kids.

So losing that oldest son one year ago truly tripped up The Gadfly's life plans.  That son was so proud to have become an American.  He loved the yearly celebrations -- it was arguably his favorite holiday of the year.  And then in a blink of an eye - The Gadfly's son was gone.  It's been a year and The Gadfly is still struggling with that loss.

But now The Gadfly has reached his grieving apex and is ready to move on -- not forget -- but move on.

The Gadfly is devoting his efforts here on this shitty blog to his beloved son Fredy.  His pal, his shoulder to cry on, his child.

Thank you for reading this blog dear readers.  Thank you for the support.   The Gadfly will not waver from his quest to see a better America, a more equitable America, a more just America -- a more caring America.

And with that, The Gadfly leaves you with this:

That is the goal of this blog -- fighting the good fight.  Join The Gadfly in his quest.  Make things right again in this great nation (sure it sounds corny, but you fucking better make a choice dear reader - time is of the essence).


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