Wednesday, June 5, 2013

! NOTICE ! - To The Gadfly's Millions of Devout Readers. **ATTENTION** . . .

The Gadfly will be posting his lunatic rantings much more lightly over the next few months as he has gone back to school to further his chosen career aspirations.

Nonetheless - The Gadfly will ensure that frequent updates along with timely opinion posts will continue to be put up on his shitty little blog as time and studying assignments permit.

And lest you, dear reader, are guffawing mightily at the prospect of a cynical, grey haired, beard grizzled AARP member immersing himself back in to the educational maelstrom, fear not - The Gadfly is more than ready and has actually been waiting for this opportunity for some number of years.  So to ever loving hell with conventional wisdom - let's do this!

So on that note:



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