Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jumping The Shark On The War on Drugs . . .

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Yes indeed -- The Gadfly has been around long enough to know a miserable failure when he sees it:

“The fact that the police officer chose to prey upon the most vulnerable" is “egregious” but not surprising, he said. He pointed toward  policing tactics and policies -- like quotas, the increasing criminalization of America's schools, and the war on drugs --  that put pressure on police to treat normal teen behavior as criminal.
Downing, who is a member of the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, also pointed out, “The less fortunate are always targeted."
“Do we ever hear of an undercover operation like this conducted in an exclusive private school, or on a university campus, or on the stages of a movie studio in Hollywood? No, we don't. Why? Because those people would complain, get lawyers and make life miserable for the status quo."

When your war has reached it's zenith with the targeting, entrapment and persecuting of high school kids, it's best to just pack it in and admit that you have lost the war and shift gears toward more sensible and less destructive action.

And it goes without saying that it does not help the situation in the least when the capitalist principles of privatization and profit margins are mixed in to the failure equation of our criminal justice system.


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