Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Open Post to Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered . . . .

The Gadfly, at intervals, has fielded inquiries from old acquaintances and family whom he has not interacted with for years, who have through social media outlets, become aware of The Gadfly's still evolving political and philosophical views.

A few of these exchanges have produced the obvious question of "what in funky monkey hell has happened to The Gadfly" that has so radically altered his outlook on life and the country in which he was born and cultured in?

The Gadfly of course could pen a novel on the incremental, step-by-step transformation of his midwestern, don't rock the boat, don't question authority traditionalism to his present articulation of a question everything and everyone societal pest -- meaning there is no single, seminal event that has bookmarked his contentedly accepted transformation.  At it's most simplistic, it is called growing up and growing old.

And of course, it is only logical that some of those personal exchanges also beget the plaintive question posed to The Gadfly that he please return to the muddle-headed, apathetic, uncaring schmuck of old.  But The Gadfly has adamantly defended his worldly metamorphosis on every one of those occasions and usually is responded to with heavy sighs and rumbling grunts of semi-confused disapproval. The Gadfly however is not swayed nor indignant about other's views of who he has become - in fact he relishes the contrast that he can elucidate between his left behind detractors and his present day essence.

With that stated, The Gadfly would like to share this tune that he holds dear to heart, not only for the meaning in the unsophisticated lyrics that The Gadfly has personally interpreted to have meaning for his own journey through life, but also because he's a huge fucking fan of Billy Joel's musical genius.

I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm allright,
I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home,
I don't care what you say anymore this is my life,
Go ahead with your own life leave me alone.


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