Monday, May 13, 2013

GOP to economically traumatized nation: Squirrel!! Er - we mean Benghazi!! . . .

This really ought to be proof enough that House Oversight Committee chairman Darrel Issa (R-Arsonist/CarThief/Thug) and the rest of the GOP hyenas are simply pulling fistfuls of steaming hot, gooey globs of malodorous shit out of their overworked sphincters on this Benghazi issue.


Darrell Doright claims:

They began being attacked, and were attacked for more than seven hours and we're to believe that no response could even be started that could have helped them seven hours later? Quite frankly, you can take off from Washington, DC on a commercial flight and practically be in Benghazi by the end of seven hours. You certainly can take off from areas in the Mediterranean and bring at least some support in less than seven hours.

ROFL!  A commercial flight from Wash., DC to Benghazi, Libya only takes seven hours huh Darrell?  And just out of curiosity Darrell - exactly what type of airliner might that be that you would by flying on?  The SR-71 Blackbird perhaps?:

LOL.  Fucking buffoons.  The shortest commercial flight from Wash., DC to Tripoli, Libya takes on average 22-27 hours - just go and look it up on Expedia or some other flight booking site - if the need to try and trip The Gadfly up on his accuracy so pleasures you.  Then another 4-5 hours booking an in-country flight from Tripoli to Benghazi (if you can even find one in the war torn country).

In addition Darrell, it has already been publicly stated by Robert Gates - you know - that fellow who used to be Director of CIA under George Herbert Walker Bush and the Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush - that there was no way whatsoever that any element of any branch of the U.S. military could possibly have arrived in Benghazi in time to save Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 consulate personnel.  The reason being, and Darrell, you know this as Mr. Gates has already testified to such in the original review of the incident last year, is that the 4 consulate personnel were killed in the first wave of 3 attacks which took place within the first 3 hours of the consulate coming under fire during the whole 7 hour ordeal.  In assessing the right's rabid criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi tragedy, Mr. Gates has called the right wing conservative's knowledge of real world military readiness planning "cartoonish."  Ahem to that.

But who cares about being caught dead to rights in such an easily demonstrable fib - right Darrell? -- meaning there isn't any sense in allowing the truth to get in the way of selling your load of partisan political bullshit to the ignorant rubes who watch Fox "News" right? -- the same rubes btw, who after the rest of the world has already figured it out and made inner peace with it, know that Fox is nothing but a right wing media propaganda outfit of the likes where if Joseph Goebbels were alive today he'd be screaming, "SCHEISSE!!  Vy didn't I sink of zhat ?!"

Sigh . . . . unfortunately, the mainstream media (MSM) is sufficiently incompetent, lazy and corrupt enough to fail miserably at just telling the fucking truth to the American people and putting all of this cynical scandal mongering to bed by collectively shaming Fox and the GOP for their spineless gutter sniping.  So my fellow Americans - you might as well be prepared for a long hot summer of supreme right wing ratfucking all over your public airwaves - ala The Great Clinton Penis Hunt circa 1998.  Meanwhile -- the business of running the country, fixing the lousy economy, getting people back to work, working on real issues that effect real people's lives, and holding the really bad actors in the country's economic disaster accountable -- apparently just isn't quite on the same level of importance as ramming a shiv into President Obama's back.


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