Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anderson Cooper does his job . . . . about fucking time

It's refreshing to see at least a few folks in the Lamestream Media challenging the fact-free "facts" that the GOP lackeys are blathering (with fingers crossed behind their backs) on television every day. It's truly all they have - just constantly and smugly laying on the bullshit and hoping the couch potato goobers don't bother to research to find out if it's true or not:

Now if we can only get the rubes to put down their pork rinds and Xbox controllers long enough to listen to some truthiness, perhaps there's chance for their redemption.  Hmmmmm . . . . after pondering that statement, I must say -- what the fuck was I thinking?  We're talking about human beings who believe the baby Jeebus is gonna come floating down from the sky any day now and whisk them and their fellow suckers up to the Celestial barn dance and also people who passionately believe that Kim Kardashian is a "celebrity."

Sigh . . . . .


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