Thursday, July 27, 2017

241 Years of American Leadership -- Reduced to a 48 Year Old Monty Python Skit . . .

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Gee - who could have predicted it? . . .

The Boyscout leadership published a letter today.  In it they outright apologized for the unsolicited actions of our immature frat boy *President who this past week thought it a smashing idea to turn the perennial presidential address to America's Boy Scouts in to a whiny-bitch political harangue interspersed with some deviant reminiscing about another old frat boy friend's rise to wealth, women, fame and sex yachts.

Drumpf just couldn't wait to regale the tens of thousands of captive audience young boys and teens with a lurid tale of a drunken old fellow real estate developer's escapades after he sold off his fabulously wealth-generating business.  It all culminated with Drumpf, cracking that creepy old pervert grin that he has, fondly recalling the ghastly fate which befell his old pal as a result of him settling in to his wealth.  Drumpf did bluster thusly to the goggle-eyed kids,:

"...he went out and bought a big yacht, and he had a very interesting life. I won't go any more than that, because you're Boy Scouts so I'm not going to tell you what he did.
Should I tell you? Should I tell you?
You're Boy Scouts, but you know life. You know life..."

Wow!  Lol.  And if you watch the video of the speech, when Drumpf gets to the words, " a very interesting life," he does the old bouncing arched eyebrows thing - you know - the old wink, wink, nudge, nudge --- knowing full well that the subject matter on his mind as he was winking and smirking was sexual and degenerate in nature.  Kind of reminded The Gadfly of this old Monty Python skit which first aired in 1969:

The cad character played by Eric Idle in that piece even reminds The Gadfly of what a younger Drumpf might very well have looked like --- and likely more so --- thought and talked like.

But think about this clearly for a moment dear readers -- Drumpf actually believed in his own mind that being in front of tens of thousands of impressionable young boys was the ideal place to let his Animal House freak flag fly.  It speaks -- no-- it bloodcurdlingly (sic) screams volumes about that individual's harrowing deficiency of character, morals and personal judgment capabilities.  And yet Drumpf's supporters love him all the more for it -- meaning -- that as far as The Gadfly is fucking concerned, those aforementioned volumes apply just as equally to them in this case.

What?  Some of you think that that is much too harsh of an assessment that The Gadfly has of some of his fellow Americans dear readers?  Ya' think?

Too fucking bad.

The Gadfly is beyond caring about the Drumpf supporter's feelings anymore.   He is beyond harboring any threads of hope that they will magically one day snap out of their intellectual and spiritual malaise and realize the gravity of their mistake in voting for this horse-hair toupee'd clod whom the Russians have contracted out to be their little red, white and blue attired cabana boy.   The Gadfly is utterly over trying to find any common ground with these gleefully ignorant and mindless assholes who believe that the way in which Drumpf is behaving in his capacity as leader of the free world is worthy of being called "leadership" and "presidential," or the most abominable one of all -- "honorable."

Fuck Drumpf.  Fuck his Russian oligarch sugar daddies.  Fuck his mobster friends.  Fuck his sniveling, whiny bitch sons.  Fuck his Natasha Fatale wife.   Fuck the enabling, toady political hacks that surround him and continually cover his ass - unquestioningly.  Fuck the colossally hypocritical, "family values" spouting religious conservatives who worship him.   And last - but certainly not least - fuck every last one of his cretinous following of knuckle-dragging, hypocritical, spiteful, selfish, uncaring, unthinking, soulless, democracy-hating disciples.

Know what I mean?  Say no more!  Know what I mean? . . . nudge-nudge....


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