Thursday, June 8, 2017

They're Just Strolling Along The Tracks, Oblivious of the Train Whistle Blowing . . .

Here's the drive-by gist of what transpired today with the James Comey testimony:

  • Comey flat out called Trump a liar - repeatedly.
  • Comey stated that Trump knowingly lied directly to the American people.
  • Comey intoned that the reason he took immediate, detailed notes after every one of his meetings with Trump was because he did not trust Trump.
  • Comey requested that AG Jeff Sessions never leave him alone in the room with Trump.
  • Comey stated that Trump requested a personal "patronage" loyalty pledge from him.
  • Comey says he was pressured by Trump to drop the FBI investigation in to Mike Flynn and the Russian ratfucking of the election.
  • Comey stated that he is certain he was fired because he refused to drop the Russia/Flynn probe.
  • Comey confessed that he was the one who leaked the story of his meetings with Trump because he wanted it to trigger the appointment of a special counsel investigator.
  • Comey intimated that he had much more detailed information that he would divulge in a closed door session with the Intelligence committee.

And finally . . . . wait for it . . . .

Drumpf's lawyers put out a statement saying Drumpf feels "totally vindicated" by the super-sized can of testimonial WhoopAss that James Comey opened on him today.

To which The Gadfly's response (or any sane person's response) is:

It would take a very special kind of delusional, psychologically disturbed sociopath to be feeling "vindicated" after hearing the kinds of things that were said about one's self today.

Then again -- we're talking about an individual who bragged openly that his personal fame, fortune and social status granted him the right to grab the vagina of any woman he pleased at any given time he wished.  So there you go.


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