Sunday, June 11, 2017

Please - Can't Someone Tell His Handlers About the Parental Control Features of the IPhone?....

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It's a foregone,undeniable conclusion at this point - he is entirely devoid of any semblance of self-control:

President Donald Trump called James Comey “cowardly” and said he thought any leaked information coming from the former FBI director could be “far more prevalent” than believed in his latest early morning Twitter jab.
“I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!'” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

Mouth - meet brain.  Brain can be your friend.

Every time Drumpf opens his cloddish, contemptuous pie-hole, usually in the form of one of his sophomoric tweets, The Gadfly experiences a vision . . .

Close your eyes dear readers and picture this scene -- you are a lost hiker walking along in a very dry and barren wilderness area -- just up ahead you hear what very much sounds like the noise of metal furiously scraping rock and dirt as it violently enters the dry earth - the sound tsssscccchhht! tsssscccchhht! tsssscccchhht!  As you draw nearer, in beat with the tsssscccchhht! sounds you see clouds of dirt and debris seemingly bursting straight up and out of the ground.  And as you come directly upon the calamitous spectacle, it dawns on you that there is a fair sized hole in the ground for which you also note appears to be the source of the manic air-bursts of dirt that emanate from within.  You peer over the edge of the hole, down inside, about 10-12 feet deep, and you see a man.  The man has one of those mini-spade camping shovels, and he's madly stabbing the shovel into the dirt at his knees and mightily heaving the load of extracted earth straight up out of the hole.  Half the dirt ends up falling right back in on the hole that the man has dug himself in to, but he pays no heed whatsoever and keeps up his frantic pace of digging and heaving - digging and heaving.  After watching this deranged farce for a few minutes, you yell at the man and ask that most lucid of questions --, "hey man -- what are you doing down there?"  After a few more agitated thrusts of the shovel in to the earth and tosses of the contents upward, the man stops his humanoid burrowing.  He looks up at you and says -- I am digging this hole to prove to the world just how tough and strong I am and how amazing my stamina and determination are.  I will not stop until the whole world recognizes the yooge', breathtaking invincibility of my super-human bigness!   And for just a twinge of a second, you stifle the urge to push the growing pile of dirt that has collected topside back in to the hole and on to the man kneeling at the bottom of his prodigiously crafted grave.  Instead you you just smile, give a smart salute to the man and wish him the best of luck in his self-ruinous endeavor - and you amble away, whistling a cheery tune as you continue on your trek.

That is the vision that pops in to The Gadfly's mind every time Drumpf speaks up or lets loose with a barrage of juvenile rage tweets to defend whatever shredded scraps remain of his personal honor and integrity.

Drumpf has already called former FBI chief James Comey, a man with a distinguished, albeit controversial, law-enforcement career, a "nut job" and a "crazy" -- to the Russians even!  He has called Comey a liar following Comey's intelligence committee testimony this past week.  And today he takes it a step further by now calling Comey a coward - in a public venue, for the whole, observant world to see.

Shhhhhhhhhh! --- do you hear that disconcerting sound dear readers? -- tsssscccchhht! tsssscccchhht! tsssscccchhht! -- that there is the sound of a god damned, arrogant, self-destructive fool steadily sealing the fate of his own historical destiny and legacy one delusional shovel load at a time.

And for all of you Drumpf supporters who blindly continue to justify his toxic behavior by saying that it's just Donald Trump, being himself, speaking his mind, telling the truth -- keep deceiving yourselves in to believing that.  The Gadfly will check back in a few months to see how that whole rage-toddler coddling thing is working out for you all.


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