Saturday, June 17, 2017

It's Like Christmas Morning for Criminal Defense Lawyers in Washington D.C. Right Now . . .

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Phantasmagoric to say the least, and for certain, nothing short of priceless:

President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own attorney as the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference progresses, NBC News reported Friday.
Cohen has hired Washington, D.C., attorney Stephen M. Ryan, according to NBC's Katy Tur.
A source told Tur that Cohen will testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Sept. 5, adding that the testimony was delayed due to "scheduling and logistics."
Tur also reported that Michael Caputo, a communications adviser brought on board the Trump campaign by Paul Manafort, has been contacted by the FBI. Caputo has also hired his own attorney — former New York state Attorney General Dennis Vacco.
Caputo was asked in May to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.
Cohen and Caputo aren't the only figures connected to Trump who have hired their own attorneys. Trump hired an attorney to represent him in the investigation in late May, while Vice President Pence's staff announced Thursday that he had hired Virginia attorney Richard Cullen.

It's a lawyering-up palooza!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! ! !   Hope they have unlimited ride wristbands!

It's pretty clear at this point that special counsel Robert Mueller's steadily and methodically expanding investigation is starting to put the fear of cell mates named "Bubba" in to the Drumpf syndicate capos when even Drumpf's personal lawyer is lawyering up.

Even milquetoast VP Mike Pence is getting in on the lawyering up action for his Emmy winning, nuanced performance of Sgt. Schultz as it pertains to the Mike Flynn and Russia connections perfidy.

Oh what a tangled, although entirely predictable (and it was predicted), web these people have woven huh dear readers?

Suffice to say that Drumpf's own arrogance, narcissism, and political death instinct have contributed mightily to his present predicament.  No - really.  Who the fuck actually believes that tweeting early morning insults at the people who hold the fate of your existential freedom in the palm of their hand is a "winning" strategy?  That shit might work in Drumpf's business world when he's threatening small business contractors, who've accused him of stiffing them for services rendered, with a legal blitzkrieg from his shark-like attorneys.  But we are talking about constitutional law here - the foundation of American democracy - and that is not a subject that credible patriots like Robert Mueller treat with jovial indifference.

Drumpf's embittering idiocy and hubris have, at long last, jumped the proverbial shark and even if he proceeds with reported plans to fire both the special counsel Mueller and acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, that will serve only to solidify the resolve of the legitimate law & order patriots in this country to pursue justice to it's inevitable conclusion -- and that dear readers is a conclusion for which even all of Donald John Trump's ill-gotten million$ nor his oligarch friends in Russia will be able to rescue him from.


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