Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Tale of Two Realities - One Reality-Based, One Alternate Universe-Based....

Charlie Pierce at Esquire has belatedly arrived at the point of horror-struck exasperation that The Gadfly long, long ago crash landed at.  Observe:

I try. Lord knows how I try. I try to maintain a certain equilibrium about all of my fellow citizens. We're all in this great democratic experiment together, after all. I think we have an obligation as a self-governing democratic republic to make government work best for all our people. I believe in the idea of a political commonwealth, and in the political commons to which we all have a right and in which we all have a stake. Economic anxiety in de-industrialized America is very real and it is a real danger to all of what we can achieve together. It is now, and it was in 1980, when I drove from Youngstown to Toledo to Flint to Grand Rapids as we wound into the election that brought us Ronald Reagan.
(So, by the way, is the intractable poverty of people, working class and otherwise, who are not white.)
So, I try. Lord knows how I try.
But what am I supposed to do when so many of my fellow citizens guzzle snake oil by the gallon and call it champagne?
The president* flew himself out to Iowa on Wednesday night to bask in the adulation of yet another rapturous crowd and to deliver yet another speech from the oratorical firm of Hokum, Bunkum, and Con. They didn't even balk when he told them, right to their eager faces, that all his campaign rhetoric about cracking down on the bankster class was the purest moonshine.

And the "fellow citizens" whom Pierce is referring to are quite undoubtedly these insufferably torpid pod people:

Drumpf's followers are aggressively smearing James Comey and now are even going after special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Gadfly finds it telling that the Trump supporters have decided to aim their fire at two Americans, two men of law enforcement, two men who have served their country with distinction (Mueller is even a decorated U.S. Marine).  Yet they willfully turn a blind eye to the Russians and their cyber attacks on America aimed at disrupting our electoral infrastructure - a pillar of our democracy - and to the motherfucking fact that those cyber attacks had the sole purpose of electing their hero Donald John Trump to the United States Presidency:

The latest revelations center on a critical piece of evidence that led U.S. intelligence agencies to that conclusion. In particular, the CIA had obtained intelligence from sources inside the Russian government by early August that captured the Russian leader’s specific instructions to subordinates on the operation’s objectives: disparage and seek to defeat the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton while helping to deliver the White House to Trump.
One former CIA official likened the intelligence to the “holy grail,” a rare window directly into the plans and intentions of Putin, a former KGB operative who takes extraordinary precautions to protect himself from foreign surveillance. The intelligence was as raw as it was compelling, and it took other U.S. spy agencies months to reach consensus that Putin not only directed the interference but worked to defeat Clinton, a politician he disliked and suspected of fomenting internal Russian opposition.

Drumpf's borg followers openly state that, Comey and Mueller, considered by most sane and objective accounts pretty honorable men who have served their country at the highest levels of law enforcement with distinction in both Democratic and Republican administrations, are liars and leakers and lizards.  In the damaged minds of these mentally disturbed people, Donald pussy grabbing, casino bankrupting, charity embezzling, Vladimir Putin cocksucking Trump is a much more trustworthy person than Comey and Mueller are by leaps and bounds.

This is how utterly madcap this whole mind-bending scenario is dear readers -- Comey and Mueller are both conservatives and Republicans and here on the pages of this shitty little blog you actually have the dirty old fucking hippie The Gadfly defending their honor from attacks by rightwing conservatives!

Allow your reality-based mind to feast on that magical dung heap of eminently cockamamie lunacy for a few moments if you will folks.

But the Drumpf followers don't care.  Nothing breaks through the impenetrable force field of stupidity and mind-numbing ignorance that they have zealously cocooned themselves in.

The Gadfly is going to describe to you dear readers, from very real and very personal experiences, what it's like attempting to have an honest, reality-based conversation with Trump supporters about the glaring obviousness of Trump's behavior and actions and even his own goddamn recorded words.

Allow The Gadfly to set this up for you dear readers.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing at a bus stop, on a city street along with several other people.  Suddenly a truck driving by backfires, frightening a bunch of pigeons from their perch on the building behind the bus stop.  As the pigeons take flight over head, everyone at the bus stop looks up at the noise of the manically fluttering wings only to see a big, white glop of pigeon shit fall from the sphincter of one of the birds and plop smack dab in a spraying splatter on the forehead of a guy in line at the bus stop wearing a "She's a Cunt, Vote for Trump" t-shirt.  This guy just so happens to be standing right next to you.  The guy who took the direct hit from the birdshit bomb doesn't flinch an iota and returns his gaze streetward.  You lean over to the Trump fan guy to make a comment about what you just observed occur and the conversation goes something like this:

You:  Wow man - that bird just took a huge, juicy shit right on your forehead -- that sucks.
Drumpf fan:  What are you talking about?
You:  One of those pigeons that just flew over us shit on your forehead -- there's a big white splotch of gooey, whitish green and black bird shit splattered all over your forehead dude -- didn't you feel it?
Drumpf fan:  That's a typical libtard observation.  You just make up things to fit your libtard narrative.
You:  What?  Are you saying that you didn't feel that glop of bird shit smack you on your forehead?  Are you serious?
Drumpf fan:  Libtards have an agenda and they make up lies to push their libtard agenda.  Your libtard views are meaningless to me.
You:  What the fuck are you saying?  It's not my "opinion" that a bird just pinched a creamy bird loaf on your face - that's reality.  If you don't believe me take your fingers, wipe them across your stupid fucking forehead then smell them and tell me that isn't bird shit!
(the man wipes his fingers across his forehead then sniffs them)
You:  You see man - it's bird shit!
(at that point a woman standing on the other side of the man joins the discussion)
Woman:  I saw it too - I saw that clump of bird shit come straight out of that pigeon's ass and land square in the middle of your forehead sir -- some of it even splattered on the sleeves of my new suit jacket -- see? (she points to white specks of goop on her arm).
(another man in the group chimes in)
3rd man:  I got it on tape!  I video recorded it on my smartphone - that bird took a dump right on your head mister.  Want to see the video?
(there's a moment of silence as all three of you who witnessed the fowl bombardment stand looking at the man with the very obvious blot of white, gooey gunk on his forehead, expecting sober capitulation to the reality of his situation -- and then he responds to you) 
Drumpf fan:  It's fake birdshit.  And your observation is a conspiracy with all these other libtards along with your fake media to insult my patriotism, denigrate my beliefs and make me look like a moron.
(the bus then arrives and the man, still with the large white splotch of pigeon guano staining his wide forehead boards the bus, heads straight to the back bench seat, sits down facing the center aisle and as you make your way toward the rear of the bus to look for a seat, he smirks and defiantly thrusts his middle-finger at you) ------ end of story

Seriously dear readers -- that is precisely what it's like debating these people when it comes to the subject of their savior Drumpf.  It's like arguing with your average 3 year old toddler and it's maddening and it's infuriating and it's dumbfounding in the most extreme sense of those word's core meanings.

The Gadfly has no answer as to how to deal with such supremely and frighteningly deranged human beings.  No known manual exists on how to do so.

All that's left is the hope that Comey and Mueller and the people tasked with unpleasant job of unraveling all of Drumpf's shady entanglements and conduct will do their jobs to the best of their abilities and allow the law of the land and the truth be the final judge, jury and if necessary, the executioner of Donald John Trump's deformed *presidency.


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