Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Come To This ... And The Eventual Outcome Will Change Life As We Americans Know It . . .

Some of you are going to think that The Gadfly is a bit off of his nut for voicing the following view, but if you just stand back, and if you focus with clarity on everything that has transpired up to this point in Donald Drumpf's ascent to the presidency, you cannot deny that there is sufficient evidence to warrant, at bare minimum, reasonable suspicion.

And considering what is at stake here for all of us, this matter must not be ignored or normalized.

Allow The Gadfly to lay out the foundation for the charge that he is about to state:

It is a fact that Russia is still a communist nation.

It is a fact that Russia is still considered an enemy state to America.

It is a fact that Russia is ruled by a corrupt thug who oppresses free thought, free speech, a free press, freedom of political association - and who would be tickled red to add the crown jewel of America to his collection of conquered satellite states.

It is a fact that Drumpf has extensive financial entanglements in communist Russia with Russian oligarchs and Russian controlled banks.  His own son is on the record as stating that Drumpf's business is deeply involved with Russian investment money.  There are numerous videos and on the record quotes of Drumpf praising Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.  No such evidence exists of Drumpf denouncing Putin.

It is a fact that in the run-up to the election, Drumpf campaign officals and associates were having clandestine, unreported meetings with communist Russian government officials, meetings which after having been exposed, they then lied about and attempted to obfuscate.

It is a fact that after the election, Drumpf approached the heads of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement and "urged" them to drop the investigation in to Michael Flynn's contacts with the Russians and his subsequent lying about it.

It is a fact that Drumpf's son-in-law and his closest inner-circle adviser Jared Kushner reportedly attempted to establish a "back channel" line of communication with the communist Russian government, which in and of itself is suspicious enough based on the aforementioned facts, but Kushner took it a step further in asking the Russians for the use of their own encrypted systems which would in effect shield any communications from review by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

It is a fact that Drumpf recently had Russian officials invited in to the oval office, along with Russian state media.  The U.S. media was not invited to that meeting and were not present.  In that meeting, Drumpf blurted out highly classified Israeli sourced intel related to the war on ISIS (enraging the Israelis) and also bragged to the Russians that he had eased the burden of investigation of his associate's Russian dealings by firing the head of the FBI, James Comey who he called "crazy" and a "nut job."  No doubt the Russians were like kids waking up on Christmas morning - incredulously joyful.

It is a fact that Drumpf has gone out of his way to denigrate America's allies in NATO and has refused to publicly acknowledge the long recognized commitment that an attack on any NATO member is an attack on all members.  Drumpf has repeatedly voice his disdain for NATO as an organization.  You know who else despises NATO and for decades has sought to undermine it's existence?  That's right - communist Russia.

Drumpf went abroad internationally this past week and basically made a bigger ass of himself than he already is by publicly dressing down the leaders of our NATO allies and behaving like the alpha-male lout that he is. Upon his glorious, victorious return to the homeland, our allies could not wait to make sober declarations about the disastrous visit of the Park Avenue Hillbilly President and their disappointment in his failure to commit his loyalty to the future of western European democracy.  It was so bad that for the first time in the 70 year history of the NATO alliance, some of our partner democracies are now questioning America's once treasured trustworthiness as an ally - to the point of even pondering the concept of European countries distancing themselves from the U.S. and forging their own collective way in the world without American influence or support.

And do you dear readers know who it is that would be jizzing-in-his-drawers giddy over the prospect of western Europe disconnecting itself from U.S. influence?

Yeah -- this guy :

[ click pic to enlarge ]

The Gadfly sees a disturbing pattern here folks.  And if you cannot see that pattern, you're not looking hard or diligently enough.  Look again.

The Gadfly is not going to mince words.  This shit is serious and it is becoming clearer by the day with all of the obstructing, the obfuscation and the even outright lying that is taking place, much of it being peddled by people in some very powerful places, that something is gravely amiss.  It paints an unsettling picture of desperation as efforts are escalated daily to impede on-going investigations in to Drumpf's and his associate's activities and motives as it relates to their chumminess with a communist dictatorship's leaders and funders.

As such -- until an unimpeded, impartial, and comprehensive investigation takes place, The Gadfly has to assume that President Donald J. Trump is a suspect Russian turncoat and that most certainly, under such a cloud of suspicion,  it cannot be assumed that he is governing and managing this nation's affairs with the best interests of the American people and the future of our democracy foremost in his mind and intentions.

Being that this is Memorial Day, a day where we are supposed to honor those military heroes who gave their lives for our freedoms, instead of just paying blase' lip service to that honor, The Gadfly thinks that it is only fitting that we expend every feasible effort to get to the bottom of the Drumpf Russian relationship.  This would also be an opportunity for Drumpf supporters to prove The Gadfly wrong -- which quite honestly, would please The Gadfly more than you might imagine.


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