Saturday, May 27, 2017

Is There Not One Adult In His Circle to Step in and Supervise Him? . . .

Look Mommy and Daddy!  Look what I did!  Didn't I do good - huh?  Didn't I??  Didn't I??? :

President Trump on Saturday claimed that money was "beginning to pour in" to NATO, just two days after he gave a speech scolding allies for not paying their fair share at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels.
"Many NATO countries have agreed to step up payments considerably, as they should. Money is beginning to pour in- NATO will be much stronger," Trump tweeted Saturday.

Unbeknown to little President* Fauntleroy, NATO is a not a New York City mafia protection racket with the US being the kneecap bashing, money collecting thugs promising to protect the extorted in exchange for forking over wads of their hard earned ca$h.

There exists no formal NATO fund for money to "pour in" to.  That is a figment of this sad, pathetic, know-nothing President's* vacuous mind.  In the most simplistic sense, NATO is an agreement between member nations for mutual defense.  The core of that agreement stipulates that participating NATO members will spend a minimum of 2% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on building and maintaining their own homeland militaries, thus alleviating the need for the US and the other wealthier nations to pick up the financial slack for that defense.  Some NATO members are meeting that commitment, a couple exceed it and some do fall short.  But just to be clear once again -- there is no established fund of any kind for money to "pour in" to -- period.  Drumpf just pulled that claim right out of his fat, orange-bottomed ass.

All that Drumpf's tweet does is underscore the increasingly nervous perception to the rest of the free world that America is being led by a willfully ignorant, narcissistic man-child who is exceedingly far out of his league as a statesman and a serious, level-headed world leader.  And it goes without saying that most of the leaders of America's allied nations are slowly gelling in to agreement that Mr. Drumpf is a colossal embarrassment to the United States and it's decent people and cannot be trusted to care about America's best interests, much less the interests of it's democratic allies.

He's like a needy, attention and love starved child who has over-compensated for the lack thereof by inventing a fantasy world for himself and populating that world with adoring groupies, conniving enablers and all of it cocooned in a manufactured sense of self grandeur.

He's a sad figure, yet more disturbingly, he's a dangerous figure.  And the more that is revealed about he and his gang's dealings with communist Russian leaders and oligarchs, the more urgent it becomes for the necessity that he be removed from power and his subversive cabal investigated to the fullest extent possible.


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