Monday, February 6, 2017

Sound General Quarters! . . .

Here is a "fake" Republican and "fake" General stating that which has been obvious to dirty old liberal fucking hippie's like The Gadfly for -- well -- since forever:

Retired General Barry McCaffrey speaks for a lot of Republicans and military staff who might not have as much professional room (He is, after all, retired.) to speak their minds.
HALLIE JACKSON, MSNBC: President Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin is really back in the headlines in a big way. You heard what he said about Putin and Bill O'Reilly's comments that Putin is a killer, something of course that Vladimir Putin has denied. How concerned are you about not just with what the president is saying but the relationship that that means the U.S. is going to have with Russia, where that's going to go from here?
RET. GEN. BARRY McCAFFREY: Hallie, I'm actually incredulous that the president would make a statement like that. One could argue that's the most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the United States, to confuse American values with Putin, who is running a criminal oligarchy, who kills people abroad and at home, who imprisons journalists and takes away business property, who shares it with his former KGB agents, who invades and seizes Crimea in eastern Ukraine, this is an astonishing state of affairs. It's hard to know what to think about it.

So essentially - Bill O'Reilly isn't the only one wondering in the back of his mind tonight whether there has been a Russian coup perpetrated right under our noses.

And let's just be crystal clear about something -- Barry McCaffrey is no liberal wallflower.  Per his Wiki entry:

Barry Richard McCaffrey (born November 17, 1942) is a former United States Army officer, news commentator and business consultant. He received three Purple Heart medals for injuries sustained during his service in Vietnam, two Silver Stars for valor, and two Distinguished Service Crosses — the second-highest U.S. Army award for valor.[1] He was inducted into U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame at U.S. Army Infantry Center at Fort Benning in 2007.[2] He served as an adjunct professor at U.S. Military Academy and its Bradley Professor of International Security Studies from 2001 to 2008. He received West Point Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy's Distinguished Graduate Award in 2010.

A West Point graduate, highly decorated combat soldier General and genuine hero is saying that Drumpf's behavior is "an astonishing state of affairs."  Let that sink in for a bit.

The Gadfly said from the beginning that it was a bad idea for fence sitter voters to vote for this assclown Drumpf, but you all didn't listen.  Well - you better batten down the hatches, because this constitutional political storm is still in the infancy development stages and it can only get uglier and more dangerous from here out.  And let's not sugarcoat this situation -- at some point we may need to start thinking about this:

Just saying dear readers --- just saying . . . . .


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