Friday, February 10, 2017

Ivanka's Failing Line of Shoes and Handbags Might Qualify for Disaster Aid . . .

So this happened a few days ago:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

That would be an aerial view photograph of one of several ravaged American communities near New Orleans, Louisiana.  The New Orleans area was battered by half a dozen tornadoes on Tuesday of this week which prompted their Governor to declare a state of emergency.

Go ahead and click on the link to read the article and then tell The Gadfly what is missing from that article.  Never mind - The Gadfly will tell you.  In the article there is no mention whatsoever of our sitting President Drumpf.  No mention of what actions he might be taking to help the state of Louisiana with offers of federal disaster relief assistance.  No public statements from him offering condolences or pledges of moral and financial support to the citizens of New Orleans for their losses and suffering.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  Drumpf's name appears absolutely nowhere in the article.

Now - The Gadfly thought - well - perhaps it's just this one media outlet.  Uh-uh.  The Gadfly checked various other media outlets including the local New Orleans website -- nothing at all from Drumpf.  The Gadfly finally did finally track down a single, brief report from a local Fox outlet which said that Drumpf's press secretary Sean Spicer unceremoniously stated Drumpf was "aware" of the situation. But no statements directly from Drumpf his self.

But you want to know what horrifying event that Drumpf did have time to promptly take to the public airwaves about the past few days?  This:

WASHINGTON --  Ivanka Trump’s fashion line has suffered a setback. And boy is Dad mad.
President Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain that his daughter has been "treated so unfairly" by the Nordstrom (JWN) department store chain, which says it will no longer carry her fashion line.

A major American metropolitan area suffers a deadly and destructive natural disaster and our great leader and President cannot find the time to address the American public, much less barely acknowledge the terrible event and it's victims, but boy, he sure does have time to jump on Twitter and run to the media to throw a bitch and moan tantrum about his grown, multimillionaire daughter's business affairs.  Meanwhile, a lot of New Orleans citizens are digging through the carnage of their city just trying to recover remnants of their shattered lives.

This is the petulant, callous man-child who is now our president.  This is the soulless asshole whom a great many other soulless assholes in this country voted to be the leader of the free world.  This is the sonofabitch who will be America's version of the Roman Emperor Nero -- fiddling away while his empire burns.

Heck of a job you Trump voters.  Heck of a fucking job.


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