Saturday, February 4, 2017

. . . And Then They Came For Me . . .

It really was just a matter of time before they started to turn on their own:

Republican lawmakers in Hawaii have reportedly booted state Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R) out of her position as House Minority Leader because she participated in the Women’s March against President Donald Trump.
Fukumoto told KHON that she was bullied by her colleagues and is now considering switching parties.
“The Republican Party is getting increasingly hostile to different opinions,” she explained. “If you followed what happened at the state convention (in May 2016), I got booed for about 10 minutes straight for raising concerns about President Trump, then nominee Trump, and the way he treated women and minorities in many of his remarks. I, at the time, had said this is not, this should not reflect our party.”
Fukumoto said she “repeated those sentiments at the Women’s March last week.”
“And since then, there have been many calls for my resignation, and my caucus members have raised concerns about whether or not that means I’m a Republican, whether or not that means I’m fit for leadership, whether or not that means I should even be an elected official.”
In an address on the state House floor, Fukumoto revealed that Republicans had asked her to agree to never criticize Trump again.
They told me they would keep me in this position if I would commit to not disagreeing with our president for the remainder of his term. Mr. Speaker, I’m being removed because I refused to make that commitment, because I believe it’s our job as Americans and as leaders in this body to criticize power when power is wrong.”

So basically this Republican congresswoman is being stripped of her party leadership position for the sole reason that she dared to have and express her very own opinions about Dear Leader's demagoguery and that she participated in a march for women's rights, because you know - being a woman and all - that would be a treasonous act.  It looks like Beth Fukumoto has thus learned her lesson as to the meaning of being a Retrumplican party member in good standing.

There is no doubt that President* Trumpelthinskin has got his Stasi apparatchiks vigilantly and clandestinely monitoring the words and actions of the party rank and file and has directed them to take notes and add names to their black book dossier on whom they believe to be loyalists to Dear Leader and more specifically, who isn't.

But that is one of the core tenets of this modern day conservative movement -- party and ideology before country, loyalty to dear leader before loyalty to the nation, to the constitution and to the American people's best interests.

The wise and sober words of Theodore Roosevelt ring hollow in these people's ears:

[ click pic to enlarge ]

Just more evidence pointing toward the likelihood that this sordid Drumpf experiment will not end well for most Americans.


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