Friday, February 24, 2017

A Tale of Two Americas - One Life Affirming, One Not So Much . . .

The era of Drumpf:
(CNN)The FBI has joined an investigation to determine whether a shooting that killed one man and injured two others at a crowded bar in Kansas is a hate crime.
Adam W. Purinton, 51, allegedly opened fire Wednesday night at the bar in Olathe, killing Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, police said in a statement.
The victim's friend, Alok Madasani, 32, and bar patron Ian Grillot, 24, suffered injuries, authorities said. Madasani and Kuchibhotla are engineers at Garmin, and are originally from India, according to The Kansas City Star.
Purinton has been charged with one count of premeditated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder. His bond has been set at $2 million. It's unclear whether he's retained a lawyer or entered a plea.
Witnesses say Purinton told the men, "Get out of my country," before shooting them, the paper reported.

    Take a good look at these three men.

    The two "swarthy" complected men on the left are Garmin (GPS manufacturer) employees living and working in the United States as Avionics engineers - successful, highly educated people just doing their thing in life and pursuing their dreams.  One of them is dead, the other severely wounded.

    The wholesome looking white fellow on the right was a bystander in the sports bar who saw wrong being done and being a real man, stepped up and tried to do the right thing wherein his reward was a bullet to his chest.

    The shooter, some gun fondling fuckhead, apparently mistook the two Garmin employees for A-Rabs (they're both from India) and decided to exercise his 2nd amendment rights to cleanse his watering hole space from the filthy heathens in his midst.

    This incident is just an inkling of the kind of America Drumpf, Bannon and friends want to impose upon us all with their bigotry, their racial and religious purity bullshit and their equally bullshit nationalist/fascist authoritarianism masquerading as freedom and liberty.

    Ian Grillot was the white bystander who saw the shooter racially berating the Garmin employees, and while it is unfortunate that he was unable to prevent the initial round of shots from being fired, when the shooter paused firing briefly, he jumped in and attempted to subdue the man and ended up getting shot himself which was just enough to rattle the shooter and cause him to flee the scene instead of continuing on his rampage.

    Here are his words as to what happened.

    This young man is The Gadfly's idea of what it means to be a true American.  Someone who sees past skin color and cultural differences and realizes that we are all humans and we are all equal and deserving of being treated with respect, dignity and humanity.

    And as far as The Gadfly is concerned, if anyone is in serious need of being tossed out of this country it is the Adam Purintons and their ilk.  They are the ones, who emboldened by Drumpf's ascension to White House power along with his cadre of alt-right goose-steppers, are hellbent on making the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness a miserable experience for a great many Americans who simply do not share the narrow-minded, paranoid schizophrenic, apocalyptic world-view that a great many of the right wing conservatives have.

    It's going to get uglier for certain.  The only hope is that enough Americans of decent heart and sound mind join forces to push back on the assholes and their toxic assholery - at least long enough until Drumpf and his Russian corruption and un-Americanism gathers enough slack in the rope that he will eventually hang himself with.


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