Friday, November 11, 2016

The Deed is Done . . . All That Remains Is The Reckoning . . .

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Well America - you did it.  You threw your tantrum, and you got to pick the lunch money stealing, schoolyard bully as your dear leader.  You chose Magneto over Professor Xavier, Voldemort over Harry Potter, Longshanks over William Wallace.  Bravo.

The Gadfly knows quite well that what he is about to write will be considered "sour grapes" by the Drumpfanistas, but in fact, it is simple reality based on demonstrable truths and The Gadfly's detractors can go pound sand if they believe otherwise (The Gadfly was going to say "feel otherwise", but he thinks the Drumpf borgs are incapable of the act of human feeling").

Truth be told though, it wasn't wholly unexpected.  Michael Moore predicted it a couple of months ago.  And for certain there is plenty of blame to ride on the shoulders of the stale Democratic party for Drumpf's sullied victory.  The ass backward thinking establishment Democrats chose to stick with the institutional face of politics as usual in Hillary Clinton - in defiance of near apoplectic demands for change from their working class, mostly progressive base.  The Democratic party has become a cesspool of dysfunctional party hacks and elitist thumb-suckers who long ago abandoned whatever remaining loyalties they had to the working men and women of this country in favor of the rewards system that comes with being admitted and sponsored members of the Wall Street/oligarch's Washington, D.C. country club.

That being said -- it needs to be noted that there is also plenty of blame left over, aside from the rubes voting to slit their own throats.  For instance -- the gutless, craven, profit driven media who for the life of them couldn't get the truth out to the American electorate even though the nation's future depended on it.  The media in this country, sadly, is just one Drumpf bullying episode away from being cowed in to mewling worthlessness, at which point they become complicit accomplices to the right's unfluctuating assault on democracy.

But truly - the bulk of blame needs to be assigned to the people who actually willingly pulled the voting lever in favor of Drumpf and his fear mongering and divisiveness and his dark, myopic vision.

By virtue of their vote, they knowingly and willingly approved of Drumpf's messages of hate and class and cultural division, of racism and bigotry and misogyny/sexism.

They voted for a man who bragged openly about sexually assaulting women just because his fame and elitist power status bestowed upon him the privilege to do so.

They voted for a man who openly mocked disabled Americans.

They voted for a man who frequently incited his hardcore, brownshirt followers to violence toward detractors and who snarled that after the election he will seek vengeance upon those who stood against him even those within his own party.

The voted for a man who joked on more than one occasion about assassinating Mrs. Clinton.

They voted for a man with a long and well documented track record of business failures - which in and of itself is not a disqualifier, however Drumpf's business failures, almost in every instance, resulted in a substantial financial benefit to him personally while leaving his investors, contractors and workers shortchanged and footing the bills for his failed leadership and decision making.

They voted for a man who currently is being class-action sued for conning a whole lot of (admittedly gullible) people out of their money with his fraudulent Trump "University" scam.

They voted for a man who is on the record as saying that one of the key's to his business "success" is surrounding himself with people dumber and less accomplished than he is.

They voted for president a man who is on the record as supporting the idea of American soldiers torturing captive prisoners.

They voted for a man who wondered why we aren't using nuclear weapons against our foes.

They voted for a man who has deep and tangled financial connections to the oligarchs of America's eternal enemy Russia, and who benefited from that country's former KGB head Vladimir Putin's meddling in our American election.**

They voted for this supremely obnoxious, ignorant, hateful, vindictive rage-toddler of a man because they say he speaks his mind, and isn't politically correct, and says things that they identify with and that he presents the issues, as they perceive them based on their small world views, as being the truth about the way things are (or should be).  Of course, those are some of the same excuses Hitler's minions gave for supporting that monster in the lead up to WW2 and the holocaust.

It is not a matter of "if" there will be a shit-storm that will be brought down upon this country because of our electoral foolishness in putting such a frighteningly unqualified demagogue and authoritarian with delusions of Napoleonic grandeur in charge of the world's greatest democracy, it's frankly just a matter of when and how brutal it is going to be.  But when it happens, let us ensure that we keep it in the forefront of our national discussion who the people are that brought this blight upon us.

And finally -- a clear message directly to those of you who voted for Drumpf -- you fucking own him now.  You own everything that is going to happen to this country in the next four years as well all of that which will result from his policy and leadership decisions.  He's your Frankenstein monster, you all created and nurtured him and there is no way in hell the rest of us are going to let you all weasel your way out of taking responsibility for your thoughtless foolishness when the proverbial shit begins slamming full force in to the proverbial fan blades.


**UPDATE:  Obviously a case of too little, too late, but several outlets including the Washington Post are reporting that a high ranking Russian diplomat has gone on the record confirming that there were contacts between Drumpf and his team and Russian officials in the run-up to the election (keep in mind - these "officials" would most definitely be in the employ of former KGB agent and now Russian president Vladimir Putin).  To which The Gadfly would responsd:  Fuck Benghazi! and Hillary's emails.  The Gadfly wants to know when the Senate hearings are going to convene to begin the investigation in to this possible act of traitorism! . . . . . . crickets chirping . . . . . . yeah -- that's what The Gadfly thought.

##Addendum:  The Gadfly would be remiss if he failed to share the wisdom of the late, great social commentary comedian George Carlin who in one of his final interviews talked about why he gave up caring about the human species and more so his fellow Americans.  Carlin talked about this country's steady demise in to the history dust bin of failed societies and he likened it to water circling an open drain.  The Gadfly is of the view Drumpf's ascension is the ultimate proof of what Carlin was talking about and signifies the circling around the drain of the American experiment has just gotten faster and narrower.


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