Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Tax Man Calleth Bullshit! . . . .

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Gee . . . . who ever could have guessed it?:

Donald Trump’s longtime tax accountant on Tuesday rejected the idea that the Republican nominee deserves any of the credit for employing complex strategies to lower his tax bill and those of his companies.
“I did all the tax preparation,” Jack Mitnick told “Inside Edition” on Tuesday. “He never saw the product until it was presented to him for signature.”
The interview followed a damning report Saturday by The New York Times, which obtained part of Trump’s 1995 tax returns showing that the businessman declared a loss that year of more than $900 million, a loss that tax experts said Trump could have used to avoid paying income taxes for nearly 20 years.
Rather than deny the report, Trump and his advisers claimed that not paying income taxes was proof of Trump’s “genius.”
“I understand the tax laws better than almost anyone,” Trump told a rally crowd in Colorado on Monday, “and that is why I am one that can truly fix them.” He added that “fixing our broken tax code is one of the main reasons I’m running for president.”
Yet according to Mitnick, Trump had no part in preparing his taxes over the years. “I’m the one who did all the work,” Mitnick said.

So essentially, like just about every other brash boast Donald Drumpf has made about his amazing self, he's really not a tax code "genius" despite his lackeys loudly braying it all over the media airwaves since it was revealed what a huge tax dodger he actually is.

All Drumpf did was sign the damn signature form on the pile of tax work that his high powered accountant did for him.  It's really no different from every other business venture Drumpf has ever been involved in, in that all he does is slap his name on the products created by others and then hoards all the credit and the glory for his vain and arrogant self.

Setting Drumpf's vainglorious assholery aside though, here's a couple of questions The Gadfly would like to hear Drumpf's supporters honestly answer:

If, as Drumpf brags, he himself understands and knows the tax laws "better than almost anyone," and as such is the only person in America therefore capable of "fixing" those laws, why on earth would he be wanting to reform laws which have economically benefited his self and his family so handsomely over the years?

And segueing off of that question, how god-awfully stupid can Drumpf's followers truly be?  Do they actually believe that someone who has made a lucrative living out of using (abusing) a "broken" tax system, one so broken that it massively favors wealthy elites like Drumpf and his ilk allowing them to enrich themselves at the average working American's expense, intends to dismantle that system and change the tax laws to instead favor the working slobs of this country?  Muahahaha!  That is delusion on an epic scale if that is the case.

It's just additional evidence to add to the already 10 story high pile of evidence proving what a greasy charlatan Donald Drumpf is.  And his brain-dead followers just outright ignore all of that evidence and stand there gazing lovingly upon their savior Drumpf with those puppy-dog eyes and drooling over his magnificence.  Go and look up the words "pathetic" and "suckers" in the dictionary -- The Gadfly is convinced that you'll see a picture of a Drumpf rally crowd as the definition for both.

Lastly, the next person that The Gadfly hears mentioning Drumpf's name in the same sentence with the word "genius," The Gadfly swears he is going to vomit on you.  Albert Einstein and Alan Turing were geniuses.  Drumpf is a flim-flamming, bullshit peddling, con artist carnival barker who would pick his own mother's pocket if given the opportunity.  Please take some time out of your busy lives to learn and understand the reality-based meaning of the word.

Sad . . .


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