Monday, October 17, 2016

God Used The Harlots!! Why Not Donald? Drumpf/Pence 2016!! (Can't Wait To See Those Lawn Signs)...

This is what the future survival of representative democracy is up against in this country:

Vicki Sciolaro, Trump supporter in Kansas, joined CNN's Brooke Baldwin today to advocate for her candidate, and boy howdy, did she.
She led right out of the gate by claiming Hillary Clinton is a murderous, baby-killing witch who lives to dismember fetuses before she turned to why she's ready to defend Donald Trump in spite of his sexual abuse admissions on the sex tape released last week.
Brooke Baldwin brought her back around to the question at hand -- whether what Trump said makes a difference.
"He's not running to be the pope. Look at the culture of our country," Sciolari scolded.
"Everybody knew he had strip clubs, but still the millions of people chose him to be the nominee."
"And look at our culture. It's filled with a bar, strip club on every corner."
"God can use anybody," she proclaimed. "He used the harlots and that's okay. It's all about what God can do. God can do this. God can use this man."

"Look at the culture of our country" says this lady who in the same breath justifies her support of Drumpf by claiming God is using Drumpf just as he did the harlots (prostitutes).  Egads - the stunning inability of these people to be either self-introspective or think before they talk is outright unnerving at times.

So basically what this freak show contestant is saying is that no - it does not make one iota of difference whether Herr Drumpf has admitted, on tape, that his celebrity status allows him to sexually assault unsuspecting women because God has chosen Drumpf to be evangelical Christianity's special messenger on earth.

Essentially, Drumpf supporters are very cognizant of the fact that they are attempting to elevate a lecherous sociopath, pathological liar, mafia-style businessman and possibly traitor (playing footsie with the Russians) who once asked the question as to why the United States isn't using it's tactical nuclear weapons against a handful of rag-tag, pickup driving whackos in the middle east to the Presidency --- and they just simply do not care --- which to The Gadfly means they do not care one goddamn shit about this nation's future or it's people.  They are the collective version of Charlie Sheen and his drug induced "winning" meltdown episode.

And it goes without saying that this woman is the quintessential poster child for why The Gadfly keeps a very healthy and guarded distance from the evangelical right and their terribly ugly and dumb political movement.

The Gadfly isn't even going to try and rebut this lunatic's logic.  The effort would be akin to swatting gnats with a spaghetti noodle (and a cooked one at that).

The Gadfly has seen a lot of hand-wringing on the intertoobs  from some progressives wondering what in the world will it ever take to get the conservative right to grow up and start behaving like rational, unselfish, and truly compassionate, thinking adults as pertains to their world views.  The Gadfly's recommendation to those progressives is to stop wasting valuable time worrying and anticipating them ever reforming to any measurable or redeemable extent.

They truly are irredeemable in the sense that even when knowing full well what a rotten to the core human being Donald Drumpf truly is, they are still willing to foist him upon this nation just because they are mad and because they can, and by God, if they can't have their way, they are going to get really, really, really mad and throw their Gerber baby found on the floor and break all of their toys -- and their brother's and sister's toys too.  There is virtually no hope for them.

Better to invest efforts and time toward appealing to and marshaling the existing forces of human decency and the ideals of fairness, moral compassion, common sense thinking and visionary leadership in to a vigorou coalition than to stand around wasting time, effort and resources arguing and debating with a bunch vindictive, intellectually and socially stunted, tantrum throwing toddlers.

In summation - if people like this woman really want to be the proverbial "left behinds" in the plodding, albeit ever forward moving story of human progress, that is solely their choice and The Gadfly is more than happy to stand aside and be a Frolicking witness to their stiff-necked march toward movement and societal irrelevancy.


*Addendum:  no -- really -- how do you hold a sane debate with people like this?:

Sigh . . . . you don't.

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