Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Please Unfriend The Gadfly If This Offends You . . .

17 year old high school kid -- dead.  Dead as they get.  Why?  Because some fucking gun goon saw him walking "suspiciously" in the neighborhood where the gun goon guy was a community watch toad and so gun goon guy aggressively confronted the kid with a handgun in his hand and the kid panicked not knowing who this fat fuck with the gun was that was accosting him and so he fought back and for that he was shot dead.

17 years old and dead.  Deader than dirt.  For fucking walking in your dad's neighborhood, wearing a hoodie, with pop and candy in your pocket it shall be noted....... nigger.

Dead.  Gun goon style dead.  And the killer, George Zimmerman walks away to a life of right wing stardom and economic gain.

Gadfly has had enough of the gun goonery in this country.  No more being silent.  No more thinking society will take care of the problem on it's own.  Horseshit.

Time to organize and put an end to this domestic terrorism fucking crap..... because that is exactly what it is.

Now --- the reality.  The Gadfly would be happy his self to spearhead such a life-affirming revolt against the powers that be over gun proliferation.  But The Gadfly is a realist.  The best hope is to have everyone who is of the same view of The Gadfly to do two things ---- one -- get your sad sack asses to the voting booths on election day and vote these fucking alien pod people conservatives back in to the murky swamp that they emerged from .. secondly .... pressure your senators to do something about this shit ..... organize local cabals to show up at your senators door and pressure these gutless cocksuckers to stop accepting NRA money and endorsements ...... you have the power in your actions .... but those actions must be implemented if any good is to come of them .........

Sigh . . . . .  The Gadfly can only be a splinter of the force needed to shake shit up, but the rest of you, in numbers, can be the earthquake that destroys the death CULTure as we know it ......


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