Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Emperor Has No Clothes .... or Class, or Integrity, or, Humility, or ______ Fill In The Blank...

You really have to read Deborah Friedell's review of Michael D'Antonio's biography of Donald Trump.  If only that some of you begin to belatedly understand just what a selfish, uncaring, major-league fucking dickhead Donald Trump truly is.

This excerpt of the review just blared out to The Gadfly:

‘I have made myself very rich,’ Trump says (over and over again). ‘I would make this country very rich.’ That’s why he should be president. He insists that he’s the ‘most successful man ever to run’, never mind the drafters of the constitution or the supreme commander of the allied forces. Bloomberg puts Trump’s current net worth at $2.9 billionForbes at $4.1 billion. The National Journal has worked out that if Trump had just put his father’s money in a mutual fund that tracked the S&P 500 and spent his career finger-painting, he’d have $8 billion. Wisely, D’Antonio refrains from offering an estimate of Trump’s net worth. When Timothy O’Brien, a New York Times journalist, suggested in Trump Nation (2005) that Trump probably wasn’t a billionaire at all, he was sued for libel. The case was eventually thrown out, as Trump must have known it would be, but O’Brien’s publisher is thought to have spent much more money defending the book than it could have made.

The reason that this excerpt caught The Gadfly's discerning eye was because of the analysis that was done which concluded that had The Great "businessman" Donald just put his daddy's trust fund money into a conservative mutual fund, his wealth would be much greater at this point in his life than the wealth which he currently has -- wealth that he brags about so much as being as a result of his "superior" business mind.  And this man intends to run America just like he has run his "business" career??


Fucking hilarious.

Go read the review -- then read the book if it so pleases you.

Here's what The Gadfly can discern from just this review -- and -- btw -- yes .. he is going to buy the book and read it too ..

It's no secret that The Great Donald (let's just call him TGD from now on huh?) ... was born half way between 3rd base and home plate, and with a full set of platinum silverware in his mouth, via his father's willed wealth.

But the unadulterated fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has never worked an honest to god, hard day of physical labor in his entire fucking life.  Not one.  Not ever.  How can that man possibly know what middle class working people (the few that remain) deal with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis economically? --  much less the working poor and the destitute?

TGD peddles his famous name and his notoriety and that pretty much is the extent of his "business" acumen.  The reality is - he is a phony true and true and the fact that a good portion of the populace are falling for his gilded populist shtick is just goddamn nauseating.

What's ironic is that TGD, if you think hard enough about it, actually personifies the British oligarchs/monarchs who tried to oppress and politically subjugate the fledgling American rebel patriots.

TGD, and by proxy, his cultish supporters, appear to The Gadfly's senses as being the modern day version of King George's red coats and their traitorous colonial backstabbers ... which of course .. would make the rest of us dirty fucking liberal hippies, the equivalent of George Washington's ragtag army of revolutionaries who are determined to, not only disallow the wealth worshiping, oligarchy consolidating sons of bitches to make America into it's bastardized version of the Monarch's dominion, but to ensure that democracy prevails and serves every single American man, woman and child equally.

If that sounds a bit bombastic to some of you dear readers ----- GOOD! .. Sure hope so, because if that is what it takes to wake your dumb asses up to the danger of TGD - so be it.



  1. May I fill in the blank with the term tonsorially challenged? Also, if more people were as intent on wholly exposing this crass jerk as you have, we'd continue to make further progress in what I will opine in a noble effort. Trump is outright's just that the masses who venerate him prefer to either keep their blinders on or are not intelligent enough to see through smoke and mirrors. Sociopaths are so damn clever in fooling others, aren't they?

    1. The present day America parallels to how a certain charismatic, bloviating, bigoted nationalist mesmerized the ignorant and gullible masses of 1930's Germany and subsequently brought much misery to not only the world, but to his own homeland, are unsettling to say the least.