Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jeebus! ... Somebody Change Their Diapers Please! . . .

So the GOP Presidential Clown Van made another stop this past week.

And the wailing and the acrimony and the butt hurt is still on-going - for apparently, the CNBC (not a liberal fucking network by any goddamn means) debate moderators asked some questions of the 10 dwarves that they just didn't like very much .... you know -- like specifics on policies, questions about their personal integrity and trustworthiness based on their well documented past political and private affairs.

But aside from the whiny ass titty baby response by nearly every single candidate as to how CNBC treated them, The Gadfly was struck mostly by just how intellectually vacuous this entire group is.

The Gadfly will let one of America's journalistic treasures, Esquire's Charlie Pierce, put it all in to perspective for you dear readers:

Ezra Klein does a great job demonstrating that Tailgunner Ted Cruz  is more of a truthless reptile than even I thought he was, although young Ezra seems to tear up the language to avoid pointing out that the Tailgunner is a truthless reptile and, instead, contents himself with pointing out that Cruz's mock tirade against CNBC's debate moderators was wrong on the facts. It was stone bullshit, all the way down, and so has been every appalling squawk from these people about having been thrown to the wolves of Rick Santelli's television network.
I have come to the conclusion that it is very easy to be a Republican presidential candidate. First of all, to paraphrase J.R. Ewing, once you give up truth, the rest is a piece of cake. Second, and most important, you really only have to memorize one answer.
"Dr. Carson, how do you respond to the simple mathematics that prove that your tax plan was developed by marmosets?"
"Liberal media!"
"Senator Rubio, exactly how many loan sharks are looking for you down in Florida at the moment?"
"Liberal media!"
"Senator Cruz, where in the Constitution does it say we should have an air force?"
"Liberal media!"
"Ms. Fiorina, what's the capital of South Dakota?"
"Liberal media!"
"Governor Bush…ah, Jesus, man, can you wake the fck up?"
"Hmph, snort, ghack…liberal media!"
You get the picture. The Palinization of conservative rhetoric is now complete.

What Pierce is talking about of course is the avalanche of post-debate whining from conservatives about how the mean 'ol liberal (CNBC) debate moderators and their panel of "experts", a panel which included included Wall Street apologist Jim Cramer and the Godfather of the Tea Party, Rick Santelli, were to the poor, defenseless 'widdow Republicans by asking them questions which they just didn't like.

Can you imagine any of these 10 fucking crybabies having to deal with guys like Putin, or Xi Jinping of China, or any of the mid-east warlord leaders?  Every time they don't get their way, what are they gonna do? ...  throw a childish temper tantrum and take their toys and go home?  Just fucking wow!

Anyhow, The Gadfly just finds it astonishing that Americans are even seriously considering any of these preening, self absorbed assholes as Presidential material.  And what is truly disheartening is that every passing week, and every passing event demonstrates just how bereft that one of the major political parties of this country is of the integrity, the wisdom, the courage and the humanity this is vitally needed to lead this nation forward in a time of great domestic and international challenges.

But you know what dear readers? ...  that is what happens when you allow narcissistic, lame-brained and hateful extremists to infect your ranks and transform the once proud party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, in to a one-stop clearing house for discredited political and social ideas and policies of the past and universally loathed ideas and policies of the present.

The more that these clowns open their brain dead mouths, the more they pretty much guarantee a Hillary Clinton landslide come next November and it really ought not to be that way.

Please dear readers --- think about your children's future when you walk in to that voting booth -- think about how it might be under the "leadership" of one of these 10 boors.


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