Friday, September 25, 2015

You'll Care About This When It Happens To You . . .

The Gadfly would like to talk about a subject a bit outside the realm of politics, even though, in reality, it is a subject that is quite intertwined with and directly affected by politics.

The Gadfly just returned from a trip to visit family in his home state.  The Gadfly was struck by how many family members who had been touched by the scourge of cancer - and believe The Gadfly when he tells you, it was more than the fingers on both hands could be used to count.

The Gadfly is not going to get in to the business of speculating as to the causes of this seeming epidemic, but he does want to discuss the subject of cancer, it's treatment, the for-profit health care system in this country, and the devastating economic effects it is wreaking on people.

Please watch this NBC video.  The Gadfly knows the man who is the subject of this NBC video - his name is Stuart Chapin, he lived next door to The Gadfly many years ago, he was a wonderful friend to The Gadfly's family and children before he relocated to the east coast.  The Gadfly and his family attended Stuart and his wife Vanessa's wedding reception.  He is a good man.  Hear his story:

Stuart Chapin, by virtue of this country's morally bankrupt idea that capitalistic profit always trumps any issue, is having discussions with his wife about committing suicide so that his family will not be left destitute because of the ongoing, accumulating medical bills associated with treating his life threatening illness.

The Gadfly hears these right wing conservatives always braying about their "pro-life" views and they are so concerned with a tiny little unformed zygote in a woman's womb, but ask them if society, and by virtue of such - government, should help someone like Stuart, a very alive, and sentient human being, their eyes go blank, they give you the cold shoulder and just chant meaningless mantras about the holiness of the free market magically fixing everything.

The Gadfly is tired of these people's ignorant, cold hearted bullshit.  So fucking tired.  Stuart Chapin should not have to go fucking bankrupt and lose his home, nor should any other American, because his health care and medications cost so goddamn much.  A society that allows something like this happen is not a civilized society -- it is a sick, sociopath society.

Every single Republican candidate will publicly state that they are willing to let Stuart Chapin lose every thing he has, possibly even the life they so piously claim to cherish, just so that the Pharmaceutical and medical insurance industries can get their capitalistic blood money.

If that is ok with you dear readers, then by all means, vote Republican.  Just remember --- there but for the grace of god go you.


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