Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hosers Go Home! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!! ....

Oh fudgin' Jeebus . . . . just shoot The Gadfly now . . .

Speaking to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press today, Scott Walker sought to trump Donald Trump by suggesting we also need to build a wall on the border with Canada.
“That is a legitimate issue for us to look at,” said the governor of Wisconsin.
Yes, we need to keep out those criminal Canadian hosers, with their strange speech patterns and odd cuisine and propensity for making our womenfolk laugh. Go back to Canada!
Donald Trump opened the right wing’s xenophobia flood gates, and there’s seemingly no end to the bad craziness pouring through. I think we need to build a wall between the Republican Party and the White House.;_We_Also_Need_One_for_Canada

Really Republicans?  These guys are your best and your brightest?

A fucking wall between us and Canada, our biggest trading partner, our staunch ally in WW2, the people who gave us The Guess Who, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morrisette and Justin Bieber? ... Ok - The Gadfly admits it -- for that little arrogant shit head Bieber The Gadfly would happily build a wall.  But seriously -- what the fuck kind of brain eating amoeba has infected conservative Republicans?

What is their major malfunction?

Ok - The Gadfly gets that Trump has PT Barnum style stormed his way to the front of the polls and the rest of the clown car clowns are trying to keep up with him and some of them feel the need to out-crazy him in the effort to attract the crazies in the party --- but Canada is our enemy now too??  For fucking real Scotty?

The Gadfly has become convinced that the only wall that needs to be built is a wall of incredulity around each of these GOP candidates as they continue down the path to condemning the Republican brand to the ash heap of political history with their histrionic xenophobia and gutless and amoral appeals to the hateful neanderthal crowd in this country.

Enough fucking already.  The Gadfly would gladly listen to the policy positions of a sane GOP candidate, but apparently there aren't any sane GOP candidates.  And yes -- that is sad.


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