Sunday, August 2, 2015

"He's Like One of Us" . . . . A Fitting Epitaph For The Great American Experiment...

For anyone still harboring hope for a more socially and economically equitable future for their children and grandchildren this is not only discouraging, it is downright frightening:

Donald Trump is a brand, and his New Hampshire supporters are itching to buy it.
A Bloomberg Politics focus group of 12 Republican and independent voters who are supportive of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy shed light Wednesday night on the billionaire's swift rise to the top of the GOP field, and confirmed that his brash, “You're fired!” style and lack of experience in politics is more of an asset than a liability. 
“He says it like it is,” said Jessica, a data analyst, during the focus group in the first-in-the-nation primary state, conducted by Purple Strategies at St. Anselm College in Manchester. “He speaks the truth.”
“He's willing to tell you his opinion,” Andrew, an educator, said. “So many other politicians won't take an opinion.”
Many said Trump's success in the business world appealed to them. 
“Business, we need business and I like his roughness,” said Danielle, a financial-planning consultant, adding, “He's just tough, we need someone tough.”
“Donald Trump is strong,” Nick, a home inspector, said. “He carries a sentiment and frustrations that I think a lot of Americans are going through and feeling right now. He's the one that's able to articulate that, and bring those frustrations to light. I believe him when he talks.”
In a 90-minute conversation with Bloomberg Politics managing editor and With All Due Respect co-host John Heilemann, the voters, five of whom identified themselves as members of the Tea Party, were unanimous in saying that they'd learned about Trump before his entry into the presidential race. Most said they had gotten some knowledge of the billionaire through his business dealings and before his Apprentice reality-television stint. 
“I was a little girl, and I didn't even know what Trump Towers were, but I knew that he was a wealthy, successful man and I remember asking my mother if I could write him a letter to ask him how he made his money,” Jessica said.
“He's like one of us. He may be a millionaire, which separates him from everybody else, but besides the money issue, he's still in tune with what everybody is wanting,” Janet, a former dog breeder, said.

"He's like one of us!"

Well -- except for that part where -- if one were to look at all of the available reality-based evidence -- he isn't -- then Ok.

"He's willing to tell you his opinion!"

Translation:  he's an arrogant, spiteful braggart who is prone to opening his loud mouth without ever engaging what little there is of his pea-sized brain.  And for that we admire him.

I was a little girl, and I didn't even know what Trump Towers were, but I knew that he was a wealthy, successful man and I remember asking my mother if I could write him a letter to ask him how he made his money!

Well lady, if you and your dear mother had a time travel machine, you both could go back in time and see that The Donald made his money the old fashioned, American plutocrat way -- he inherited it from his wealthy father, who it should be noted, made his fortune with the help of government programs and government business.  You can forget about writing that letter now lady.

But of all of the vapid and fawning statements that these pod people made about their new BFF The Donald, this one has to be the kicker:

"Donald Trump is strong!"

To which The Gadfly's only response is:

FASTER than a speeding bullet!
More POWERFUL than a locomotive!
Able to LEAP tall buildings in a single bound!
LOOK! Up In The Sky!
It's a BIRD!
It's a PLANE!
Yes, it's SUPERTYCOON, strange visitor from another planet
who came to earth with powers and abilities
FAR beyond those of mortal men!
SUPERTYCOON! Who can CHANGE the course of mighty rivers,
BEND steel in his bare hands;
And who, disguised as Donald Trump,
Ill-mannered real-estate magnate for a great Metropolitan City,
fights a never-ending battle for TRUTH,
And now another exciting episode

Sigh.......  These Trump zombie/groupies are the very same people that the late, great George Carlin was referring to when he talked about the reasons why he had given up hope for his species and specifically so for his fellow Americans:

Not much more that The Gadfly can say other than God help us all if these lunatics ever gain complete and utter control of governmental power in this country.


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