Saturday, July 4, 2015

The American Taliban is Alive and Well . . . Truly They Are . . . .

The Gadfly has no doubts whatsoever that ISIS would welcome this sick fuck into their ranks with open and bloody arms:

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for the execution of all LGBT people.
I hate them with a perfect hatred,” Anderson shouted. “I count them mine enemies.”Anderson said the Bible consistently called Christians to “have the guts to stand up to our culture that is now accepts homos.
“Where’s the call to repentance?” Anderson said. “Where’s the hope, where’s the love and the grace? It isn’t there.”

Not speaking on behalf of anyone else, but this truly ought to be cause for The Gadfly, and any other rational American to rethink that whole terrorist meme of "we're fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them here," malarkey -- especially so, when by all available evidence, "them" are already "here", are in our communities, are fomenting murderous violence as is this asshole, and all the while pretending to be moral, upstanding citizens.

It is becoming clearer by the day that these right-wing, fundamentalist Christians have the same insane religious and ideological views as as the black clad barbarians in Iraq and Syria and it is long past time for a civilized and truly moral society to put these medieval minded boors in to their rightful societal place - namely the darkest, dankest fringes of society where they can stew in the shit and mire of hate, cruelty and moral turpitude of their own creation.

The Gadfly does not find it a pleasant thing to hate people, but there are some of his fellow Americans that The Gadfly simply cannot find any reasonable motive to stanch his feelings of loathing for, and this fake, disgusting "man of God" most certainly is one of them.

And with that proclamation, The Gadfly it would seem, endorses hate -- albeit hate of the hateful.


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