Saturday, July 4, 2015

State Approved Terrorists in Our Midst . . . .

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Sigh . . . the idiocy just never ends with these pea-brained gun fetishists, and their stupidity-laced shtick is getting old real quick.


A Fort Bragg soldier walked through a bustling mall Friday armed with an assault rifle — planning to have his picture taken.
Instead, Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, terrified patrons and sent the shopping center into lockdown. He was arrested and charged with going armed to the terror of the public, the Fayetteville Observer reported.
More than 20 police officers rushed to the Cross Creek Mall shortly after 6:30 p.m. responding to reports of “a subject armed with an assault rifle walking through Macy’s.” Police found Wolfinger near the department store with an AR-15 assault rifle, rounds of ammunition and a Kevlar vest.
He was detained without incident, and told police he was there to have photos of himself taken holding military equipment.
The mall went into lockdown without warning, shaken shoppers said, and it remained secured for more than an hour.

Once again, on the record, and for the 38th bazillionth goddamn time, The Gadfly is NOT anti-gun.  The Gadfly is anti-violent assholes and anti-morons with guns.  Unfortunately, this country is chock full of both of those demographic groups (violent assholes and morons in case you didn't get the inference).

The Gadfly has a question for the NRA boot licking politicians who have dutifully performed the bidding of Wayne LaPierre's death cult by passing these narcissistic open carry laws in their states ... how the fuck are we rational, normal thinking Americans supposed to know whether the sullen faced, bullet-proof vest wearing, assault rifle toting jagoff, who has just waltzed in to whatever public venue we happen to be frequenting with our families including children, on a given day, supposed to instantly decipher whether the gun goon's intentions are benign or murderous??

And just who do you think the NRA is going to blame when one of these days - and you know it's just a matter of time before it occurs - some jackass like this clown shows up at the mall with his penis extension, er... AK-47, and another heat packing ammosexual misreads his intentions and starts opening fire, which obviously will draw return fire from Mr. AK-47 and next thing you know you have bullets flying everywhere between two so-called "good guys with guns" with the only casualty being innocent bystanders?  The Gadfly will tell you who the NRA will blame -- Obama and liberals -- for supposedly inculcating the "irrational" fear of guns in to people for no good reason.  And yet not for one nano-second will these lizard brain fucksticks reflect as to why it is that some people might truly be fearful of encountering a stranger in a public place armed to the teeth with weaponry whose primary purpose is to kill humans in mass numbers.

The Gadfly is so over these fucking people.  So fucking over them.


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