Sunday, July 26, 2015

He's Got Them Cannibalizing Their Own Now . . .

The Gadfly gleefully crowns him ---- Donaldus Magnus Blowhardus.

Hoo boy! The Donald really has the GOP establishment guys so unnerved and apoplectic with his remorseless bullying that they are inadvertently denigrating their own base on national tv now . . . .

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who never met a military conflict he didn't want to escalate continued his feud with the GOP 2016 frontrunner, king of the Clown Car, Donald Trump, and had the nerve to accuse Trump of "appealing to the dark side of American politics" on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Errmm . . . . Hey Lindsay . . . . not sure if you noticed - but The Gadfly is pretty darn certain that you just referred to the base voting bloc of the modern-day GOP as "the dark side."

Not that The Gadfly will argue the point.  Not at all.  Graham is actually right on the money, even if it wasn't his intention.  Trump, along with his massive ego and equally sized mouth, is the chosen megaphone for the conservative right at this time.  He is them.  He represents their views.

The Gadfly is not repentant one bit when he states that the people who have a hard-on for Trump and his bull in a china shop idiocy truly are some of this country's worst citizens if they believe that foisting a hamfisted clod like The Donald on to the world stage to represent our great country is something to be proud of.

But then again we are talking about the same people who thought this person was a dandy choice to be put in to position of world power:

God almighty .... when The Gadfly thinks just how close this nation came to having that half-wit woman a heartbeat away from the nuclear codes, it sends a tremendous shudder rumbling through his old hippie body.

Point being about all of this -- Lindsay Graham need not apologize for calling the 28% lunatic fringe conservatives in this country "the dark side" --- it's a label they have earned over and over again with their political assholery and demonstrable hatred of representative democracy.


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