Sunday, July 19, 2015

Even The Best of Us Aren't Immune From The Effects of Their Sickness . . .

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It's comforting to know that even the seasoned pros become afflicted with the same malady which occasionally strikes The Gadfly.


Out on the Weekend: The Blog Needs a Break from the Insanity
In preparation for the upcoming election push the blog is taking a short break, unless Donald Trump does something big. But first, a bit on the water crisis in California, the consequences of denying Medicaid expansion, the Emmy Awards, Lego robots, and feather dragon dinosaurs.
It's time.
OK, so here's the deal. I'm closing the shebeen down for two weeks starting on Monday. It's time for a break before the real craziness starts this fall. I'll be back behind the mahogany right around the time the Republicans tee it up in Cleveland in August. If something really Trumpian YOOOOOOOOGE happens, I'll reopen. Otherwise, thanks for your continued patronage, ya magnificent bastids, and feel free to visit all the other fine establishments here along the docks of Blogistan, too.

What Esquire's Charlie Pierce is talking about here is the need to occasionally just step away from the toxic sphere of influence and increasingly depressing idiocy and group-think dementia that is incessantly being promulgated by the Neanderthals in the modern day, American conservative movement.

The Gadfly knows of no mortal being that can withstand the daily grind of observing and commenting on the conservative's assholery without being driven to excessive drink, chronic depression, or even madness.

This truly is the kind of corrosive effect which these people have not only on individual onlookers such as The Gadfly, but also on this nation's spiritual well-being and soul as a whole.

Best practice for sane, caring, regular observers of politics in this country is to - once one begins to feel that funk of depression settling in like the brown blanket of smog that hangs over the Los Angeles basin on a hot summer day - just flip off the switch.  Turn off the internet, turn off the television and radio, don't even read any newspapers or any of your favorite blogs.  It is vitally important to just totally disconnect from all of it until such time that your mind and spirit have regained sufficient vitality to wade back in to the turgid cesspool which comprises the conservative movement's mindset, and engage the fight all over again.

And thus explains The Gadfly's own intermittent blackouts from posting to his own shitty little blog, for after 10+ years of blogging, The Gadfly is cognizant of the health of his own state of mind more than anyone and knows better enough when it is time to step back from the virulent psychosis that is modern conservatism.

Nonetheless, as with Brother Pierce, The Gadfly will always come back to take the fight to those who would seriously fuck with the future well being and quality of life of not only his own children and grandchildren, but for all those other Americans, who even if they are not motivated enough or valiant enough to enlist in this crucial battle, are still deserving of someone to stand up on their behalf to confront conservatives and their life-sucking ideals and medieval governing policies, which if left unchecked can only result in the catastrophic failure of this great American experiment, and by proxy, the wretched death of hope for a better future for all of mankind.

So take that well-deserved break Mr. Pierce.  See you back on the battlefield in a couple of weeks.


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