Monday, June 22, 2015

Lying Liars and the Lies they Tell .... Ver. 6222015 . . . . .

Charlie Pierce shines a sad light on the economic situations of a couple of states whose voters not so wisely voted against their own best interests.

You dear readers may recall that starry-eyed voters in a handful of states installed Tea Party governors in to power a few years ago, and in some cases actually re-elected them.

And now the voters of those states are reaping the punishing rewards of giving governmental power to such gutless, uncaring, and incompetent assholes who listen more to the pleas of people like the Koch brothers than they do of the suffering constituents whom they are supposedly to be serving.

Charlie Pierce highlights a couple of those states:

I have been terribly remiss in not highlighting the ongoing hijinx in Louisiana, where once again we discover that, put into practice, modern conservative economics differ from an e.coli outbreak only in their most fundamental symptoms.
Governor "Bobby" Jindal presented his budget recently. It came to the attention even of some of the Republicans in his legislature that Jindal's eye was not on the etouffee.
State Rep. Joel Robideaux, R-Lafayette, and 10 other Louisiana House members sent Norquist a letter (PDF) Sunday night, asking Norquist to rethink his approach to Louisiana's budget and the "no tax" pledge. Lawmakers are struggling with Norquist's restrictions as they enter the final four days of 2015 budget negotiations. They have to send the spending plan to Jindal's desk by Thursday evening. The governor has threatened to veto any budget plan or tax bills that don't meet Norquist's "no tax" requirements.
Whiskey? Tango? Foxtrot? Republican legislators want to know if a Republican governor is sufficiently loyal to a "pledge" he gave to a nuisance lobbyist who doesn't even live there? When did this start to make sense to Republicans? Some of these legislators are willing to swallow damage to their constituents so that Governor "Bobby" can keep faith with Grover Fcking Norquist? And people say the Democrats are in disarray. This is the prion disease in full flower.

The Gadfly loves the way Pierce describes the insanity that has infected the brains of the modern day conservative movement -- "prion disease" -- omg that is just so spot on.

Pierce notes in another post the same deleterious effects of this disease on the people of another state who put a Tea Party governor in power:

OK, it's plain that the strain of managing an economic death-cult has become too much for Sam Brownback, the curiously re-elected governor of Kansas, because he's plainly flipping his shit now.
The governor in 2012 championed massive tax cuts that many economists have blamed for the state's budget problems this year. On its 113th day last week, the Legislature passed a plan to raise the sales tax from 6.15 percent to 6.5 percent starting in July. National experts have panned the plan and say Kansas could face more budget problems in the future. Democrats have called the $384 million tax plan the largest tax increase in state history. Brownback pushed back against that, saying it was not a tax increase because it comes after tax cuts.
Excuse me. I'll just have a little Whiskey, and then we can Tango, or, perhaps, Foxtrot?
I'm used to the Magic Asterisk as employed by the likes of Paul Ryan to sidestep all that nasty math. But Brownback's taking it to an entirely new level. "I can't be raising your taxes because I lowered somebody else's once, and that wrecked the state and its economy, so I have to raise your taxes, which I'm really not doing." Welcome, Kansans, to the era of the five-dollar banana. Y'all asked for it.

Scott Walker, another Tea Party darling and twice elected governor of Wisconsin has seen his conservative Teabagger governing style get completely fucking embarrassed by his next door neighbor Minnesota's governing Mark Dayton - a liberal.  Oh yeah.  But does Fox fucking "News" talk about it?  No.  Why?  Because it destroys their meme.  The reality shows them for the charlatans and phonies that they are.

So the obvious question .. why are you asshole continuing to elect these clowns?  What is it?  Pure spite?  To cut off your own fucking noses?


The Gadfly has reached his limit of patience with dumb fucking people constantly voting against their own best interests.  Time to stop feeling sorry for self-destructive assholes.


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