Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Don't We Just Sew Hammer and Sickle Patches on Their Clothing? ....

Fucking priceless.


In the latest of lame-brained, poor shaming ideas from Wisconsin's Republicans war on the poor, Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) has a doozy. He wants to put poor people receiving food stamps to go on a Jim Crow diet:
Food stamp recipients in Wisconsin would be required to use photo ID cards for their purchases under a bill being proposed by two Republican lawmakers.
Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, says the proposal is an effort to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse and to make programs like FoodShare more efficient. But detractors say it would shame those living in poverty, with no discernible benefit.
The bill, currently being circulated for co-sponsorship, would require the state Department of Health Services to submit an implementation plan to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for approval to issue electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards with photo identification to participants in FoodShare, the state's successor to the food stamps program. Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, is the Senate's lead sponsor.
Of course, like most of the dreck brought up by the state's Republicans, this proposal runs afoul of a number of laws, including the fact that any member of the family can use the EBT card, not just the head of the household. Federal law also forbids food stamp recipients to be treated differently than anyone else. I can't recall any time that I was carded to buy a loaf of bread.
But there's more. There's always more.
Kremer really wants to make sure the poor are shamed thoroughly by forcing them to shop at poor people-only stores:
Kremer also wrote in his "term paper" about an idea he'd raised during his campaign: limiting the use of QUEST cards to privately-run food pantries overseen by the government.
"Yes, it may be humbling to go into the pantry to purchase 'needed items,' but as I mentioned earlier, most people understand that this is meant to be a crutch and not a lifestyle. I would also love to see photo lD's (sic) on all Quest cards and will continue to work this angle," Kremer wrote.

Ahh riiiiight!  Because "forcing" food assistance participants to shop at "poor people-only stores" is just the right message we can send to the world about what an "exceptional" and humble, and don't forget Christian, nation we are huh?

Honestly -- if The Gadfly were to live to be 500 years old, he would still never be able to decipher what exactly is the driving force behind the hatred and selfishness and meanness that dwells in the small hearts and smaller minds of right wing Republicans.  It has gotten to the point where The Gadfly believes that there is a mutant strand of dna in these people's genome that makes them predisposed to being cold-blooded dickheads.  They are the collective reincarnation of Gollum with "the precious" being other human's souls.

And don't you just adore this fucking asshole's tough love admonishment that "yes, it may be humbling to go into the pantry to purchase 'needed items,' but as I mentioned earlier, most people understand that this is meant to be a crutch and not a lifestyle."

Holy fuck - that is some of the ballsiest smugness that The Gadfly has ever had the displeasure of laying his weary old hippie eyes on dear readers.  There's some truly magical assholery in that brief, nasty little statement.

Hey Asshole Congressman!!  Has the thought ever crossed your little dickhead mind that you yourself got in to politics in order to use the political system as a "crutch" for never having to endure a day of honest, hard work in your life and that you have become so inured to the position that you will say and do anything to keep your cushy little taxpayer funded "job" and "lifestyle."

Good lord The Gadfly so loathes these jack offs.  There truly is a special place in hell reserved for every last one of them.


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