Sunday, March 8, 2015

Their Right to be Heavily Armed & Stupid, Trumps Your Right to Live a Full, Gunshot-Wound-Free Life...

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There is a very unequivocal, uncomplicated reason that America cannot have nice things, much less a nice society -- and that reason quite simply is that we have a burgeoning surplus of not so very nice people (aka - awful human beings) in this country, people - who unfortunately, have way too much influence and control over our national discourse.

Point in fact:
Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is returning to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to help kick-start a campaign to expand criminal background checks to all commercial firearms sales, a move which is expected to be fought by Republicans in the House and Senate, as well as National Rifle Association.

News of which prompted the pre-pubescent lizard brains on the NRA's Facebook page to sound the Defcon 4 alarm sirens and scramble their keyboard commando warriors in an effort to see who among their brethren could come up with the most hateful, vile, cowardly and threatening posts about the former congresswoman and gun violence victim Gabby Giffords.  Here's a screen-shot of the NRA FB page just for starters - check out the comments section on the right hand side of the pic, comments aimed (literally) at Gabby Giffords:

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"Leave our guns alone or else."
"Leave the constitutional (sic) alone or else we're coming after you."
"The guy missed.  Down and left 1 click would have done the trick..."
"Might have to shoot her again!"
"She should have died .................."
"Someone needs to take her out!!!"
"Too bad the bullet didn't end her."

If that wasn't stomach churning enough, the article goes on to highlight a few comments from the personal Facebook pages of some of the NRA goons:
NRA goon 'Steve' says about Giffords:  "Has anyone even heard her speak since she got shot?  Or is she just a puppet?  Because i question if she's even able to complete a thought or sentence."
To which The Gadfly would reply to Steve:  Hey you fucking moron - let's put a 9mm bullet point blank through your forehead, blowing out your eyeball, a sizable portion of your skull and embedding shards of shattered bone throughout your brain (small as it is) and let us see how your thought and speech patterns might be affected huh?

Not to be outdone in the heartless department:
Another NRA goon 'John' states:  "Yes, she can speak but '...iiitt iiiiissss sooo haarrrd....weee mmmust hhaaavve gggun cccontrol.....' is what it sounds like."
To which The Gadfly would reply to John:  Just fucking wow dude!  The Gadfly isn't so much abhorred by the idea that you would mock the speech pattern of someone who has suffered severe brain trauma from a gunshot wound - for The Gadfly has come to expect such gutless and despicable behavior from your kind.  No -- what truly terrifies The Gadfly more than that is the thought that you and the other knuckle-dragging right wingers just like you, of whom there are way too many in this country, are running around and procreating - now that is truly a bone-chilling prospect to consider only for the mere vision of the kinds of monstrous offspring that you all are grooming to set loose on our society.

NRA goon 'Will' says:  "I don't feel for her at all.  My rights trump her getting shot.  She's a piece of shit period."
To which The Gadfly would reply to Will:  Let's see exactly whether or not the bravery of your arrogant Facebook words extend to real life pal.  The Gadfly dares you to lock yourself in a sound proof room with the parents of the toddlers who were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School and look every one of them in the eyes and tell them how much your rights to have as many killing toys at your disposal trump the rights of their children to not have their little, bullet-shredded corpses be decomposing in a cold dark grave.  Short of that Will - please do humanity a favor and get some psychological counseling . . . and if you are too fucking chicken-shit to at least do that much, even if in your own self-interest, then just take the logical alternate course . . . put those guns you love so much to a truly noble cause, namely the elimination of your own ignorant, hateful existence, from a world for which you are no where near of deserving of living in.

And lest anyone get the idea that there is any measure of ambiguity here, The Gadfly is fully cognizant, and even more so, unrepentant, in telling NRA goon Will to turn his own killing toys on his self.  For if The Gadfly could be offered the choice of having any one of the 20 Sandy Hook babies brought back to life in exchange for the life of Will the NRA goon and all of the other dead-weight-on-humanity goons just like him, there would be no hesitation on The Gadfly's part to unconditionally agree to such an exchange.

The Gadfly announced on the pages of this shitty little blog some time back that he is finished playing nice with these ammosexual assholes.   And for anyone who is offended by the manner in which The Gadfly is responding to Will and his buddies -- well, you certainly are free to attempt that which many others besides The Gadfly has attempted already -- and failed miserably at -- and that is civilized diplomacy.  Simply put -- there just is no way to describe the utter futility of what it's like trying to talk common sense and decency with people who's DNA evolution is interminably stuck somewhere between the neanderthal and cro-magnon stage.


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