Sunday, March 1, 2015

Danger Is in the Back Stab Wound of The Beholder ....

The Gadfly is waiting for a national gathering of liberals who bemoan that America isn't more like Iran....... crickets chirping ... ain't happening ...

But Wow.  Just fucking wow.

Columnist Cal Thomas, radio host Dana Loesch, and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins took part in a CPAC panel on religious freedom Saturday, and they pronounced that times were dire for followers of Jesus Christ.
“I feel like it’s time to make Christians a protected class,” Dana Loesch said, as the discussion reached a fevered pitch of self-pity.
Thomas chimed in that “our commander in chief” — who is Jesus, not President Obama — instructed his followers that they would experience persecution.

Holy shit .... pun intended....

Yeah -- because if ever there was a faction of persecuted Americans it's Christians.  Nevermind the fact that you can't drive through a single small, or medium sized town in this country without seeing a Christian church on just about every block, but really? ... Christians are persecuted?  By moi?  The Gadfly??  If by "persecuted" you mean fact checked and mocked when you make stupid public statements .... well then then The Gadfly pleads guilty to the charge of persecution.

Simply put --  what these people are pining for is called a Theocracy ......

It's the prevailing form of government in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen ... whereever religion is the state sponsored, and protected, religion.

And the national American media just yawns.... useless fuckers.

Hey -- don't shoot the fucking messenger here kids.   These American right wing nuts are dangerous.  Just finally fucking acknowledge it will ya'???


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