Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Gadfly Isn't Going Anywhere . . . Rest Assured . . .

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.~~ Sun Tzu

Just an update on The Gadfly's whereabouts these days . . .

The Gadfly has been quite busy with work and business activities these past several weeks, however that is not the only explanation for The Gadfly's scant postings of late.

Quite frankly dear readers, The Gadfly just needed to step back and take a little break from the ideological battlefield action.

Call it combat fatigue if you must, but you can only cover so much of the idiocy, ignorance and hatefulness of the modern day, American conservative movement before the toxicity of reading about, talking about and trying to wrap your head around the unbridled madness that is incessantly promulgated by these people, before it begins to gradually poison one's outlook on life and in turn compels one to question one's faith that the prospects for a peaceful subsistence in a livable, honorable and benevolent society is anything but assured.

Having said all of that though, rest assured that The Gadfly has not now, nor will ever give up the fight for all that he feels is right and just, and has every intention of continuing the daunting task of employing the pages of this shitty little blog to afflict the comfortable plutocrats and oligarchs along with the Orc minions of the right wing conservative movement that do their detestable bidding.

On that note, and as a genuine gesture of proof that The Gadfly still has the fiery eagerness for warfare with the right wing goons in his belly, let's talk about this bit of atrociousness for a moment shall we:

Rudy Giuliani wants a little love, but most likely just some attention, from the president of the United States of America.
The former New York City mayor reportedly said Wednesday night at an event for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) that Barack Obama "doesn't love" America.
“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Giuliani reportedly said during a private dinner in New York. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

....Which in and of itself would have been noxious enough, but after a great many people took ol' horse teeth Rudy to mild task over his grave insult to our President, the nasty, gutless little shithead took it a step further:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has made another attempt to justify his claims that Barack Obama doesn't love America - claiming it dates back to when the President was nine years old.
Giuliani said that the President's lack of affection for his country can be attributed to meeting Communist Party members when he was living in Indonesia 44 years ago.

So according to ol' horse teeth Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Obama does not love America the way Rudy and his conservative fellow Orcs do because Obama, when he was 9 years old purportedly met some communist party members in Indonesia.  Never mind the insipid assholery of insinuating that a 9 year old child was intellectually advanced enough to sufficiently gauge the whole concept of communism and it's impact on history or current events to the extent he carried it forward into his middle aged life and allowed it to form the basis for all of his worldly views.  Did The Gadfly call that "insipid assholery?" ... more like depraved dumbfuckery.

What infuriates The Gadfly more than anything is not that some attention whoring right wing clown hurls insults at Obama.  That has been the conservative's strategy du jour since the day Mr. Obama took the oath of office because they know all too well that they are incapable of competing with the man on equal intellectual footing.

No -- what really gets The Gadfly's dirty old fucking hippie blood boiling is that after 9/11, Americans of all political stripes (nearly 90% approval ratings) rallied behind President George W. Bush and demonstrated their support for Mr. Bush, whom even though they may not have voted for or agreed with policy wise, they understood that he was still this nation's leader and he deserved at least that much respect and acknowledgement during a time of national crisis.

Contrarily, from day one, conservatives in this country have turned their backs on President Barack Obama.  Even before the cleaning crews had finished sweeping up the national mall after Obama's first inauguration, conservatives in this country were already busy plotting to do everything in their power to obstruct the new President's national mandate and in fact were intent on ensuring that Obama failed, even if it meant the entire country failed along with him.  In fact, the Tea Party was borne out of this zeal to sabotage the first African American President's policy agenda, an agenda as it should rightly be fucking noted, that was supported in the form of not just one, but two landslide Presidential election wins against the political agenda that conservatives were offering up to Americans.

So yeah -- The Gadfly is pretty much well and fucking disgusted with ol' horse teeth Rudy and the parade of Republican eunuchs, who through their silence on Giuliani's cowardly and simpering remarks, demonstrate thoroughly their complicity with his views.

But The Gadfly's criticism on the pages of this shitty little blog don't amount to much, that is for certain.  So let's hear what a long time investigative reporter for an iconic New York news publication has to say on the matter of Mayor horse teeth's remarks:

Rudy knows so much about love that he declared the other day that President Obama "doesn't love you" and "doesn't love me" at a private party of GOP fat cats.
The onetime presidential candidate also revealed at the party that Obama "doesn't love America," an echo of a speech he'd delivered to delirious cheers in Arizona a week earlier when he declared: "I would go anywhere, any place, anytime, and I wouldn't give a damn what the President of the United States said, to defend my country. That's a patriot. That's a man who loves his people. That's a man who fights for his people. Unlike our President."
Rudy may have forgotten the half-dozen deferments he won ducking the Vietnam War, even getting the federal judge he was clerking for to write a letter creating a special exemption for him. And remember Bernie Kerik? He's the Giulaini police commissioner, business partner and sidekick whose nomination as homeland security secretary narrowly preceded indictments. He then did his national service in prison.
Giuliani went so far as to rebuke the President for not being "brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country," a bow no doubt to the parenting prowess of Harold Giuliani, who did time in Sing Sing for holding up a Harlem milkman and was the bat-wielding enforcer for the loan-sharking operation run out of a Brooklyn bar owned by Rudy's uncle.
Though Rudy cited Harold throughout his public life as his model (without revealing any of his history), he and five Rudy uncles found ways to avoid service in World War II. Harold, whose robbery conviction was in the name of an alias, made sure the draft board knew he was a felon. On the other hand, Obama's grandfather and uncle served. His uncle helped liberate Buchenwald, which apparently affected him so deeply he stayed in the family attic for six months when he returned home.

That's gonna leave a mark across ol horse teeth Rudy's stupid fucking face.  Go read that entire NY Daily News article .. it is quite the treat and it truly shines a big old spotlight on Mayor horse teeth's sordid past.

But Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone Magazine online states it even better, and in so doing, channels The Gadfly's view about as spot on as can be:

Conservative politicians like Rudy are a bizarre combination of constant, withering, redundant whining about Actual Current America, mixed with endless demands that we all stand up and profess our love for some other America, one that apparently doesn’t include a lot of the rest of us or the things about this country we like.
I feel sorry for Rudy that he can’t love this country the way it is. I love America even with assholes like him living in it. In fact, I’m immensely proud of our assholes; I think America has the best assholes in the world. I defy the Belgians or the Japanese to produce something like a Donald Trump. If that makes me an exceptionalist, I plead guilty.
In all seriousness, the Rudy story is a bummer. It’s not easy to love America and hate half the people who live there. It requires that you spend a lot of time closing your eyes and wishing history had happened differently, which, at least in my limited experience, doesn’t work very well…

Anyhow dear readers, the hope is that this much belated post should assuage any thoughts that The Gadfly has thrown in the towel and given in to the wing nuts and their flying monkey brigades.  Not in the least.  To put it as succinctly as can be -- not now, not tomorrow, not ever.


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