Monday, January 12, 2015

Of Corporate Cat Fights and Whining Wing Nuts . . .

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The Gadfly finds this hilarious on many fronts, not the least of which is the fact that Fox "News" loves to beat it's hairless chest and pretend that they and they alone are the champions of free market capitalism, the kind of capitalism of course that Dish Network is practicing here by denying Fox a vehicle for polluting the American public airwaves with their duplicitous bile via Dish's wholly owned cable network unless Uncle Rupert forks over some more money:

As Fox News enters its fourth week without carriage on the Dish Network, it is making a sensational new charge: "They're censoring what you see."
Bill O'Reilly says so in a new commercial that Fox began to televise over the weekend.
"Dish has dropped Fox News. Now you should drop Dish," O'Reilly declares.
The ad is a dramatic escalation in the war of words between the cable news channel, a unit of Twenty-first Century Fox (FOX), and Dish, the satellite company that delivers TV to 14 million households.
Dish (DISH) declined to comment on Sunday.

Btw - as a measure of just how fucking cynically disingenuous Bill O'Reilly and Fox are, a contract dispute between corporations does not, even in the most bastardized sense of the word, rise to the level of "censorship."  Censorship is the premeditated and deliberate act of examining journalistic and artistic works and removing content that the self-anointed censor unilaterally deems offensive, immoral or harmful to society.

Now - never mind that The Gadfly wholeheartedly feels that the lies and propaganda that Fox spews out over the public airwaves is indeed offensive, immoral and harmful to our society, true freedom dictates that they have just as much a right to propagate their political and social views and agenda just as much as anyone else does.  It really is a matter for we the people to regulate Fox's success by either buying in to their fraudulence or rejecting it.

Nonetheless - Dish Network subscribers should take some heart - the month long absence of Fox "News" from their viewing routine has accomplished, if nothing else, an exponential increase overall in their collective IQ as well as their being much more accurately informed on news and current events.


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