Monday, January 12, 2015

Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too . . . Imagine

Conservatives and more than a few asshats in our dysfunctional mainstream media are writhing on their fainting sofas because Obama didn't jet off to Paris on Air Force One and join a handful of other world leaders and French citizens at the march against terror and the attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Here's an example of the American media idiocy:

Never mind that this picture of the world leaders was nothing more than a phony photo-op - here's a wide screen shot of the leader's "participation" in the march:

Ok - so the world "leaders" didn't actually march with the unwashed masses of people, but cordoned themselves off on a heavily guarded side street for a photo op.  What amuses The Gadfly even more is that during the real march, the people whom conservatives have suddenly found some love and empathy for were overheard singing a very famous song - this is actual video/audio from the march in Paris yesterday . . . .

The Gadfly can only imagine the howls of impotent rage emanating from the flying monkeys on the right if Obama had actually gone to the march in France and was filmed singing along with that dirty fucking communist peacenik hippie John Lennon's song Imagine.

And now do you dear readers understand why it is that The Gadfly does not trust our nation's corporate media anymore to give us the unvarnished truth of things?

Even more so, it is also exhibit A as to why The Gadfly does not respect or give much of a rat's fucking ass about conservatives opinions on a wide array of issues and subjects these days.  If they cannot even be up front and honest about an unpretentious situation like this, one that everybody should be united in viewpoint on, then why should they be trusted on any matter of importance to our lives?


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