Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yahweh's Magic Hands . . .

Huh? . . .

NOVEMBER 21, 2014, 11:45 AM EST
Dr. Ben Carson has God on his side. Or, at least, the Almighty's fingers.
In an interview on Thursday with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, Carson said he felt the hand of the Lord pushing him toward the White House.
"Has He grabbed you by the collar yet?" host David Brody asked.
"I feel fingers," Carson said. "But, um, you know... It’s mostly me."

It pleases The Gadfly none the much to rain on ol' Doc Carson's self-aggrandizement parade, but The Gadfly is pretty damn certain that the only fingers stroking Doc Carson's inner thigh as he dreamily contemplates his glorious reign on the throne of Pennsylvania Avenue are the same one's attached to his own well manicured hand.

Speaking of the almighty's celestial fingers . . .

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Oh -- and let us also make mention that this is the same Pat Robertson that Doc Carson is speaking with who in 1998 predicted that God was going to destroy central Florida with all manner of natural and unnatural disasters because the city of Orlando and Disney World decided it was ok to have a Gay Pride event at Disney World that year. Apparently God didn't get Robertson's voicemail message though, as instead of Orlando and Disney world being smote, Hurricane Bonnie tore the shit out of Virginia Beach, Virgina, Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network headquarters, a couple of months later.

Anyhow -- just another inkling of the right wing, conservative dumbassery that America is going to be forced to deal with for the next two years and the closer to the 2016 Presidential election we get.


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