Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Comedy of Tragedy . . . . or Vice/Versa......

It is never a commendable thing to celebrate tragic death, but when it involves the gene pool of a certain bunch of gun loving fuckheads being diluted a smidgeon - a giggle or too is acceptable.


PINELLAS PARK — A man arguing with his wife and threatening to shoot a family dog early Tuesday accidentally shot himself in the face and died, Pinellas Park police said.
Paramedics tried to treat Dennis Eugene Emery, 57, but he was declared dead at the scene.
Authorities said Emery was arguing with his wife, Francisca, in their home at 5271 87th Ave. N about 6 a.m. Emery was upset because he could not find his lighter, police said.
He picked up a revolver and threatened to shoot the dog, pulling back the hammer on the gun to emphasize his threat, police said. Later, as he tried to release the hammer, the gun fired while Emery had it pointed at his face.
Emery has had 34 contacts with Pinellas Park police since 2012, the department said. He recently was arrested three times in six days: Oct. 12 for domestic battery; Oct. 15 on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest; and Oct. 17 on a charge of leaving the scene of a crash. Those cases were pending at the time of his death.
State records show Emery was convicted of drunken driving in 1977; carrying a concealed weapon in 1978; and disorderly conduct and public intoxication in 1983. He was charged with domestic violence in 2013, but the case was dropped, according to records.

And yet the state of Florida says this career criminal scumbag can own firearms because ......... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!1

And the dog?  The lucky little fella survived it seems.  The Gadfly can envision the dog's conversation with the neighbor dogs .. .. kinda went like this:

Dog:  Holy fuck dudes - the old man just blew a hole thru his face.
Neighbor dog:  What happened?
Dog:  This piece of shit was gonna kill me and his wife ... and I don't even know why I was involved - I just eat and chew my bones there - it's not like we were master/loyal pet thing ya' know?
Neighbor dog:  Were u afraid?
Dog:  Ever had a fucking cocked .38 pointed at you Skippy? - knowing the person with the gun is more mentally unstable than Amanda Bynes?
Neighbor dog:  So he accidentally shot himself huh?
Dog:  Yeah ... should have seen it ... the look on his face when the bullet went in to his skull -- it was the same look I've seen on the cat's face when I sneak up on him and bark loudly... priceless.
Neighbor dog:  So what are u going to do now?
Dog:  I'm going to fucking Disneyland!

Sigh . . . . . your fellow Americans ---- own them (or at least have the courage to mock them).


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